Theatrical Grand Prix of the Amur autumn festival
Theater the Grand Prix of the festival "the Amur autumn", the jury awarded the play "roller coaster" Director Alexander Nazarov, producer Valery Levushkin. "In the competition of theatrical performances the…

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  Cooking must cook every woman. Delicious, elegant and decorated with festive snacks – this is no ordinary food. Salads on the holiday table is the main highlight of the…

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Fall festival: the brightest and most unusual festivals in the world


We’ll talk about non-standard products-such as pizza. Pizza festival « Pizzafest ” is traditionally held in Naples, this year fans of Italian food will gather at the exhibition center d’oltremare September 8 to watch match of the best of pizzaiolo world, and, most importantly, taste as many pizzas as you want. The process of eating is accompanied by competitions and concerts.

If the pride of Italians — pizza, in Bavaria — this beer. Oktoberfest begins in September and ends in October. This year, beer lovers and the races will begin to celebrate on September 17. By tradition, the opening day of the festival, exactly at 12: 00, the mayor opens a barrel of beer. This symbolic action start “beer marathon”. Then begins the parade, which is led by a girl with a large bell, riding on a decorated horse.

For all days of the festival Munich immersed in beer, the participants consumed up to 7 million liters of the drink annually. Beer to drink while sitting at a long table under a huge tent. And costumed parades, processions shooters, racing, and concerts follow each other all 16 days. Don’t forget about the here and children. For them — Continue reading

Cancel Carnival

this Ongoing unrest in the Brazilian resort town of El Salvador threatened the holding of the national holiday – the world-famous carnival . The wave of violence triggered by a police strike demanding higher wages and social benefits.

Next week in the largest cities of Brazil to be held the annual national festival, which will last for several days. This year the carnival will visit, in total, half a million foreign tourists. However, the fun may not take place due to the outbreak of violence in El Salvador, located in the northeastern state of Bahia.

After local police have declared an indefinite strike, demanding improvements to working conditions and remuneration, El Salvador faced a wave of street crime, according to Latin American news Agency NNN. During the nine days of the strike, there have been 123 murders. Fearing looters and rioters, shop owners turned to trade.

By order of the Federal authorities, the city entered army units, but to set security on the streets they failed. The city still retains an atmosphere of fear and tension. The guards, leaving citizens without the protection of themselves and then become participants in the clashes. So, yesterday there was a skirmish between the troops and strikers by the police, barricaded in the building of the State Continue reading

Most large-scale festivals and carnivals of the world


Once a year in some parts of the world come special days – bright, magical, and slightly crazy carnivals. Some, such as Brazilian carnival or the Spanish running of the bulls is well known to all; but you could never hear. And if you like “to party”, we bring to your attention the 20 most inimitable and large-scale festivals from around the world.

1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

February 28 – March 4

Like Mardi Gras in New Orleans and the Carnival in Venice, Carnival in Rio de Janeiro – it’s a party in non-stop mode, only in the Brazilian style, which is a seemingly endless parade of Samba and colorful costumes.

2. Oktoberfest – Munich, Germany

The second half of September to the first weekend in October

Despite the fact that there are different, smaller-scale counterparts of this festival around the world, Munich’s traditional event is the largest beer festival in the world. In 2013, beer was sold for more than $96,178,668.

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