April 15 — the people of the world celebrate the international day of culture
  "Culture" in translation from Sanskrit means honoring (the"cult") ("ur"). In the result of the human desire for perfection and the ideals of the beautiful. Arts culture helps to mend…

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Festival "Pavlovskaya autumn
  Festival of arts «Pavlovskaya autumn" (hereinafter " the Festival) was first held in 2009 in the framework of the Year of I. P. Pavlov. dedicated to the 160th anniversary…

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Christmas is sweeping the planet

Every holiday has its conventional character. Detail which is inherent only to him, is its integral part and the highlight of this festival at the same time.

Christmas is one of the major Christian holidays. And since ancient times a symbol of Christmas was Christmas Nativity scenes. The main objective of Nativity scenes for Christmas is a praise to the Christ child. They reproduce the scene of the Epiphany.

Christmas Nativity scenes were created using three-dimensional figures or figurines in the middle ages. Such compositions was placed in the city center near the town Hall and around them were the main celebrations and formed the Christmas markets.

With time in each city and each country Nativity Scene began to acquire the features of the city, that is, all participants in the Nativity scenes are similar and clothing and appearance on the residents of the city in which the Nativity scene is set.

Each city has an individual is their Christmas Nativity scenes.

For example in the German Goslar around the Nativity scene real animals walking complementing the song, creating a realistic .

In Coburg St. The virgin Mary clothes characteristic for this town.

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Buddhist holidays


The Buddhist holiday associated with the events of the life of the founder of Buddhism — an Indian Prince named Siddhartha Ghaouth­mA, who became known as Buddha, or “Enlightened”. Gautama was born around 623 BC in the territory of modern Nopa­La. The Prince grew up into a magnificent Palace, not knowing that there is sorrow, pain, disease, death. When he was twenty-nine years, he went out beyond the Palace, saw how ordinary people live. Then the Prince left the house and went to roam the world, trying to figure out how to keep people from suffering.

Many years Gautama studied, conversed with Holy men and religious nastavni­kami, but have not found what they were looking for. One day he went to the sacred­tion Bodhi tree and plunged in reflections­tion. That’s when Gautama became mud­rate and true knowledge. Because of this he was able to understand the causes of human Stra­publications and saw the way in which, Liu­di could achieve happiness.

Buddhism — one of the major religions in Asia. Believers in China, Japan, Korea. Vietnam and Tibet known as vos­accurate Buddhists and believers of Thailand, Sri Lanka, Myanmar (Burma), Cambodia and Laos, called the southern Buddhists.

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Autumn holidays and traditions of the peoples of the world: the Festival of cuckolds in Italy


There are a lot of unusual holidays, festivals and traditions of the peoples of the world.

On one of these holidays, I want to share with You today.

For about 20 years, on the second Saturday and Sunday of November, in Italy, not far from Rome, in the town of Rock Canterano (Roca Canterano), gets a rather unusual holiday.

Already known as the “Festival of cuckolds” (Festa del Cornuto), brings a smile.

Oh, these Italians! They are ready to party for any reason.

Suggest You learn a little more about this unusual holiday or fest, as often the Italians say.

Autumn holidays and traditions of the peoples of the world: the Festival of cuckolds in Italy

In Italy, however, as in Russia, the term “cuckold” (cornuto), means unfortunate man betrayed and deceived by their partner.

We all know what the term means. Do You know why so say and who first coined this term?

There are several versions.

First, the mythological.

Beautiful goddess Diana performed ablution in the Creek. Actaeon saw her, could not tear himself away from the contemplation of this beauty.

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