An Unforgettable celebration of Brazilian carnival
Every year in February-March there is an event known throughout the world, a holiday, to get to that dreamed at least once in their life almost every resident of planet…

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Day of cabbarov: the most unusual festivals Volswagen
  In Europe they call themselves Dubberly. This word originates from English letter W, which is pronounced as "doubleu" and together with V emblazoned on the logo of Volkswagen. And…

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How to go to the festival


Dear friends, it is summer, and that means ahead of a lot of variety and interesting festivals that you shouldn’t miss! Maybe you will be surprised, but the main reason people don’t go to festivals, it’s laziness. Too lazy to learn the details, too lazy to gather, too lazy to go.

Text: Maria Bakhirev, photo by the author and Alexander Lebedev

My husband and I have two years in a row, thanks to our friend Nastasia Mazurenko, go to the festival “Invasion”. This weekend I visited the “Wild mint” in the Park, in the Kaluga region. About the festivals, I will tell more, but for now a small educational program on “How we’re going to the festival”.

We are going on «Invasion»!

We really appreciated last year, when the night on “Invasion” has poured a Niagara falls.

The tent you need to buy a separate ticket. On the car, however, too.

What to bring: tent, sleeping bags.

2. Warm clothes

From the first paragraph follows the second. Will be cold at night, even if the day was very hot.

What to bring: sweater, warm socks.

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Greek attractions


Athens is considered one of the most prominent ancient cities in the world, about three thousand years. In addition, Athens is one of the youngest capitals of Europe – the date named for its calculation 1833. But, despite its “youth” in the city perfectly combines antiquity and modernity. Arriving in this city you can perfectly combine relaxation on the beaches of the Aegean sea and interesting excursion.

If you search the archives, even in the “minds” of people, then you can make sure that Greece originates from the Acropolis . By the way, to get to this sacred rock will have to pay about 12 euros – here stands the magnificent temple, the Parthenon, it was built in the V century BC. It has erected in honor of the patroness of the city of the goddess Athena. By the way, when we, in those distant times, on the pediments of the building were, and intricate jewelry. At present the recovered artifacts, and they are stored in the New Museum of Acropolis, the cost of entry is five euros .

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Rendezvous with autumn. Photo report on the environmental festival


Hello, dear friends! Within a short period had accumulated so much material that the delay in publication is fraught with even greater debris. Because the site is, after all, Palacky will begin with our universal favourites. Rendezvous with autumn for this butterfly ended tragically: I picked her up on the street on a cold windy day, I thought that it just freeze in the wind and in the warmth will revive, but the butterfly remained a decoration on the shelf with violets.

Last Saturday in Zhitomir in the premises of the television station was 5 Festival of Human Ecology, he was small but bright and unpredictable as the city itself. Because human ecology violets are directly related: plants that are so beneficial effect on the psyche and emotional state, we are constantly invited to decorate a display of festivale.

On a trip to this day led the group of boys from a special care home for troubled children, but the children made such a favorable impression that just such a long time not seen, children from ordinary schools. however, judge for yourself. This kid is so considered flowers that I couldn’t resist to take a picture.

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international eco-cultural festival "TRYPILLIAN CIRCLE"
  The task of the festival is to awaken a lively interest in historical heritage, in particular, left us Trypillian culture, to offer alternative ways of organizing recreation for families…


The Most spectacular celebrations of the world
  Especially for avid travelers, whose travel is not about admiring the colorful scenery and ancient architecture, influential publication "The Forbes" published a ranking of the most colorful, flamboyant, exciting…

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