Autumn holidays and traditions of the peoples of the world: the Festival of cuckolds in Italy
  There are a lot of unusual holidays, festivals and traditions of the peoples of the world. On one of these holidays, I want to share with You today. For…

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  Section: news & events / the Kaleidoscope of events In venecianskiy carnival - the most beautiful holiday in Europe, and for those who loves him, is the most beautiful…

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Where are the best alcoholic festivals in the world

Today, there are a number of festivals spirits, which are held around the world. Each festival has its own interesting and has a unique atmosphere that attracts many people wishing to take part in them. We offer you to get acquainted with the most interesting festivals of spirits in the world.

1. The great American beer festival

This festival is considered the largest beer festivals and it is held annually in America in the highlands of Denver. This event lasts three days, and you can visit it during the period between mid September and early October.

Ticket price is $ 80 for tourists and only $ 25 for sober drivers. The event itself is a public tasting delicious Beers from small Breweries and private competition.

2. Wine festival Haro

Festival Haro is held annually on 29 June in the province of La Rioja, Spain, and more like a wet t-shirt contest, soaked in wine.

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Top 5: the Best music festivals of the world


Pukkelpop, Belgium

In a tiny Belgian town Kiewit, hidden in the outskirts of Hasselt, does not have its own airport. But this is a minor annoyance – not a hindrance for hundreds of thousands of music fans flocking to the annual Pukkelpop. A Grand open air, with its roots back in 1985, was created on the initiative of the youth organisation Humanistic Youth of Leopoldsburg.

In just a few years guys, hardly naskrebla money to a number of avant-garde artist Anne Clark, became millionaires, and organized their holiday music is one of the most famous in Europe. Pukkelpop specializing in alternative compositions, lasts three days in August and attracts more than 150 thousand listeners. Despite two consecutive years of tent city were the victim of ruthless elements, the interest in the celebration of music is not quenched. This year eight of its scenes were Ella Eyre, Calvin Harris and GTA, and the next festival, scheduled for 20-22 August 2015, promises to please the melodies Sweethead, Glass Animals and The Neighbourhood.

Sensation, The Netherlands

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Holidays in Bali


Bali is an island that is famous for its vivid and unforgettable holidays, colorful ceremonies, and interesting customs.

Bali is an amazing island. It is part of Indonesia. which is a Muslim country. The main religion of the island – Hinduism. The uniqueness of Bali lies in the fact that the small island peacefully coexist representatives of absolutely different religions and denominations.

Hinduism, or rather its special kind, came to Bali for a very long time, in the beginning of our era, when the contacts of the Islands of Indonesia with India. Indian merchants brought together with the goods and their religion. Hinduism is seamlessly mixed with the local cults and beliefs, and especially firmly entrenched in Bali. In the late 15th century, the influence of the rulers of the kind of Majapahit in Indonesia starts to wane. The decline of the great dynasty leads to the rapid spread of Islam in the region. To many people the new religion is not so much that they decided to emigrate to Bali. First of all, it have known, singers, dancers, artists. Perhaps the concentration on a small island such a large number of enemies of Islam and led to the fact that he is not widespread in Bali.

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