The biggest festivals in the world
Large-scale festivals in the world to visit Once a year in some parts of the world come special days – bright, magical, and slightly crazy carnivals. Some, such as Brazilian…

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  The festival of colors in new Delhi — Indian national holiday in honor of the arrival of spring, the celebration of the expulsion of evil and the rebirth of…

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The brightest holidays of different countries with the gorgeous Uma Thurman



In Milan the presentation of the 2014 Campari Calendar, dedicated to the most bright and colorful holidays around the world. The heroine of the fifteenth edition was the actress uma Thurman (Uma Thurman), and the pictures were taken by renowned photographer Koto Bolofo (Koto Bolofo)

Milan, 11 November 2013, – Campari has officially unveiled images of the new calendar for 2014. The theme of the fifteenth edition of the most colorful holidays of different countries of the world. Twelve photographs corresponding to each month, uma Thurman appears in incredible images, representing some of the most exciting events from around the world.

Page Campari Calendar 2014 offer to travel around the world and plunge into the world of the brightest holidays, many of which are marked by centuries and even millennia. The Spring festival in Beijing, Hanami (admiring flowers Sakura) in Japan, festivities on the eve of the summer solstice at Stonehenge, the biggest fireworks festival on the planet in Brazil new year’s eve and many other incredible holidays and festivals are at the pages unique collector’s Continue reading

The Best carnivals of the world


February is the month of carnivals, which are held in almost every town. The most famous in Venice and Viareggio.

For carnival ball masks made of papier-mache, although this Venetian mask is made from specially treated thin skin. Such in street shops now will not find. In Venice there are only a few craftsmen who can produce the mask according to old recipes, they are considered a work of art and are very expensive. Mask and costume for the ball, you can rent, it will cost from 50 to 250 thousand lire. If you want to make the costume to order, then the upper limit of the cost of the outfit just isn’t there. Venetian carnival masks – the best known and most ancient, the most original and unexpected: here is the Kingdom of masks and life itself resembles a theatrical stage among the channels. Dancing in the squares, magnificent gold-embroidered and jewelled costumes. Under the cover of masks of passion is born and dies, and the characters are Italian “Commedia Dell’arte” take to the streets and become protagonists of the carnival. Like a bright ray of sun bursts carnival in damp and foggy Venetian winter. And in an instant she is decked with gold costumes, silver lace, bright spots of masks. Only Venetian carnival inherent mystery and magic, mysticism and witchcraft. The Venetian carnival is the greatest festival of Italy, which annually attracts Continue reading

Buddhist holidays


The Buddhist holiday associated with the events of the life of the founder of Buddhism — an Indian Prince named Siddhartha Ghaouth­mA, who became known as Buddha, or “Enlightened”. Gautama was born around 623 BC in the territory of modern Nopa­La. The Prince grew up into a magnificent Palace, not knowing that there is sorrow, pain, disease, death. When he was twenty-nine years, he went out beyond the Palace, saw how ordinary people live. Then the Prince left the house and went to roam the world, trying to figure out how to keep people from suffering.

Many years Gautama studied, conversed with Holy men and religious nastavni­kami, but have not found what they were looking for. One day he went to the sacred­tion Bodhi tree and plunged in reflections­tion. That’s when Gautama became mud­rate and true knowledge. Because of this he was able to understand the causes of human Stra­publications and saw the way in which, Liu­di could achieve happiness.

Buddhism — one of the major religions in Asia. Believers in China, Japan, Korea. Vietnam and Tibet known as vos­accurate Buddhists and believers of Thailand, Sri Lanka, Myanmar (Burma), Cambodia and Laos, called the southern Buddhists.

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