Autumn holidays and traditions of the peoples of the world: the Festival of cuckolds in Italy
  There are a lot of unusual holidays, festivals and traditions of the peoples of the world. On one of these holidays, I want to share with You today. For…

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Rendezvous with autumn. Photo report on the environmental festival
  Hello, dear friends! Within a short period had accumulated so much material that the delay in publication is fraught with even greater debris. Because the site is, after all,…

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Autumn festivals and holidays in Transcarpathia


Planning a trip to Transcarpathia in the fall? Autumn in Transcarpathia – it is a season of warm sunshine, high sky and bright stars, mushroom and day trips in the mountains. Learn also about the many festivals and events held during the autumn months.

International exhibition-fair “trevrizent Transcarpathia”, Uzhhorod

The “BEREG FEST” festival, Berehove, last Saturday-Sunday of the month

Folklore potato festival “Guculska reap”, Transcarpathian region, Ukraine area

Festival-fair “Guzul’ska Brinza”, Rakhiv town

The festival program includes cheese tasting, performances by folk groups and tasting of national dishes.

International festival of rock music “heart of Europe”, Rakhiv town

“Surety ball” – wine balls (festival of harvest) in Hungarian villages

Honey festival – traditionally held the first Sunday of the month in the city of Mukachevo . Transcarpathian region. Here you can buy a variety of ecologically pure bee honey and find out its medicinal properties.

Culinary competition “Carpathian Ratatouille”, Uzhgorod, Transcarpathian region

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An Unforgettable celebration of Brazilian carnival

Every year in February-March there is an event known throughout the world, a holiday, to get to that dreamed at least once in their life almost every resident of planet Earth. The Brazilian carnival is a six-day feast of colour, music and fun.

Each of us heard about this extravaganza of emancipation and manumission of life, but not all know how it goes actually.

the origins of Brazilian carnival

Carnival in Brazil is always distinguished from similar celebrations in the rest of the world, because here there are Latin American and African cultures. Brazil was a Portuguese colony, and in them, unlike other European colonies, relations with the dark population considered quite liberal. That’s why race in Brazil are closely intertwined, creating an explosive cocktail of Latin rhythms, spiced with African exotic.

The history of the Brazilian carnival is rooted in a century, but only in the 20th century, the Samba schools were able to organize a previously chaotic motion.

The carnival in Rio De Janeiro

It was in this city are the largest parades, the bar draws the largest number of tourists from around the world. And this holiday is most firmly associated with the concept of the Brazilian carnival.

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In what countries is unusual national holidays and festivals?


Probably there is no country in which, since ancient times, there would be national holidays and traditions. Later, these annual mass celebrations were called festivals .

Many holidays devote some national food, there are festivals crafts or associated with local legends and various other events.

The most unusual festivals I’ve ever heard :

— “Festival of crying children”, Japan.

To us it may seem strange that such festival, and in Japan there is a belief that the child should cry all your tears to grow strong and healthy.

— “La Tomatina” Spain.

The festival is dedicated to the tomatoes. But these wonderful vegetables are used as “shells”. During the festival, locals and tourists throw each other with tons of tomatoes. The streets flow rivers of tomato juice.

— “the lemon Festival in Menton,” France.

Menton is famous for its mild climate and plenty of citrus. Every year this small town is decorated with “edible” sculptures. To admire the beauty attracts tourists from all over the world. The festival lasts for two weeks, parades with Continue reading