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Carnival in Rio de Janeiro
  Football and carnival in Rio de Janeiro two things in Brazil evoke the same strong emotions. Brazil is hosting not one carnival, but carnival in Rio de Janeiro is…

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Holidays in Bali
  Bali is an island that is famous for its vivid and unforgettable holidays, colorful ceremonies, and interesting customs. Bali is an amazing island. It is part of Indonesia. which…

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Autumn holidays and traditions of the peoples of the world: the Festival of cuckolds in Italy


There are a lot of unusual holidays, festivals and traditions of the peoples of the world.

On one of these holidays, I want to share with You today.

For about 20 years, on the second Saturday and Sunday of November, in Italy, not far from Rome, in the town of Rock Canterano (Roca Canterano), gets a rather unusual holiday.

Already known as the “Festival of cuckolds” (Festa del Cornuto), brings a smile.

Oh, these Italians! They are ready to party for any reason.

Suggest You learn a little more about this unusual holiday or fest, as often the Italians say.

Autumn holidays and traditions of the peoples of the world: the Festival of cuckolds in Italy

In Italy, however, as in Russia, the term “cuckold” (cornuto), means unfortunate man betrayed and deceived by their partner.

We all know what the term means. Do You know why so say and who first coined this term?

There are several versions.

First, the mythological.

Beautiful goddess Diana performed ablution in the Creek. Actaeon saw her, could not tear himself away from the contemplation of this beauty.

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Decoration of salads: original ideas for the holiday table


Decoration of salads, it’s a reason to write a separate article, because the beautiful salads are an integral part of the holiday feast, when every woman comes up with an original decoration of salads to make a holiday special.

Particularly relevant beautiful salads when you have small children – the kids interesting to see how mom makes the decoration of salads, and then they all together devours.

See also: the Decoration of salads to feast: recipes with photos Examples of decoration of salads for the New Year, Birthday, anniversary, wedding. How to decorate salads for any celebration. Beautiful salads with description and photos

Beautiful salads relevant for children’s parties and birthdays. Beautiful decoration of salads it is not so difficult as it may seem, and it is enough to show a little imagination and your beautiful salads will surprise all guests.

Specially for the readers of the Home Restaurant, I made a photo collection of how to beautifully decorate salads, which I hope will be helpful.

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Cooking must cook every woman. Delicious, elegant and decorated with festive snacks – this is no ordinary food. Salads on the holiday table is the main highlight of the whole holiday. On the eve of any holiday or other event, every woman starts to look on the Internet for new recipes for delicious salads. Our website has decided to facilitate the search for suitable recipes and collect the most interesting and popular festive recipes salads in one place.

Only on our site you can find such recipes, thanks to which of a set of conventional products can be prepared in a true masterpiece, and the usual salads to make even more delicious and unique, thanks to the addition of new ingredients. Salads on a festive table with a photo will make the description more understandable and accessible.

For salads on holiday can be used a variety of products: fish, seafood, meat, fruits, vegetables, meats, cereals, cheese, canned food, crackers, and even pasta. Almost none of the salad is not complete without fresh greens – celery, dill, parsley, green onions. Salads, festive recipes you can find on our website with fruits and vegetables can be prepared not only for holiday, but also on a weekday.

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Section: news & events / the Kaleidoscope of events In venecianskiy carnival – the most beautiful holiday in Europe, and for those who loves him, is the most beautiful in the world. Cold wind blows from the lagoon, dampness chilling and small squares and narrow streets of Venice within ten holidays wandering in bizarre outfits of the crowd, forming an incredible mixture incognito – billionaire and the last kid was a provincial, a rich aristocrat and commoner. All is well. And everyone can do whatever they want. As well as Russian Carnival, the carnival takes place before lent.

This year the festival runs from 18 to 28 February. Saturday, February 18, was ball day. Sunday, February 19, from the bell tower of San Marco pulled on the rope “angel”. Not a doll, but a living person. An old tradition that originated in the seventeenth century, was restored last year. This action is called: “descending angel”.

On Sunday there was also the traditional ball gondoliers. The 23rd will be “Historic Bal”, 24th – “treasure Hunt” and ball “Games Casanova”, 25th – costume parade gondoliers, the 26th- children’s carnival “Pinocchio”, 28-th – fireworks and a Large masquerade ball. The carnival’s theme this year is “the Dragon and the lion”, so the traditional Baroque costumes and masks Continue reading

Havana carnival



eThe carnival is always a joy. And the Havana carnival is joy in the square, or rather, in Cuba. What’s that, and there are able to break away. Not only Cubans, but also hundreds of thousands of tourists.

Annually, in late summer, the cube is transformed into oasis of Freedom where you can forget about everything, even about the most unpleasant in the world, and to plunge into the vortex of holiday events. The Havana carnival is traditionally held on weekends from July 15 to August 15.

The history of the Havana carnival is quite prosaic – it was originally a festival associated with the end of the harvesting of sugar cane and boiling sugar. And the only time this holiday has turned into a fun colorful carnival, to see which was attended by tourists from all over the world.

However, since 1990, due to the difficult economic Continue reading

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