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April 15 — the people of the world celebrate the international day of culture


“Culture” in translation from Sanskrit means honoring (the”cult”) (“ur”). In the result of the human desire for perfection and the ideals of the beautiful. Arts culture helps to mend the memory of generations, to combine many aspects of the human personality, to cultivate a sense of ownership of the eternal.

April 15, 1935 he was awarded the first in the history of the Earth “Treaty on the protection of artistic and scientific institutions and historic monuments” — “the Roerich Pact”, a distinctive symbol, which became the Banner of Peace — the Banner of Culture. The Roerich Pact became an international instrument. It was signed at the White House in the presence of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the United States and 20 Latin American countries.

The idea of creating an organized protection of cultural property belonged to a famous Russian artist and public figure Nicholas Roerich. The Russo-Japanese war of 1904, the artist made to think seriously about the threat that lurked in the technical improvement of military means of destruction.

In 1914, Nicholas Roerich addressed the Russian government and other governments of the belligerent countries to ensure the safety of cultural values by the conclusion of the relevant international agreements, however, his appeal remained unanswered.

In 1929, Roerich was prepared and published in different languages, the draft Treaty on the protection of cultural property, accompanied by an appeal to the governments and peoples of all countries. The draft Treaty has received worldwide fame and a broad response among the global community. In support were made by Romain Rolland, Bernard Shaw, albert Einstein, H. G. wells, Maurice Maeterlinck, Thomas Mann, Rabindranath Tagore.

Under the Pact was approved by Roerich proposed a distinctive sign, which was supposed to mark the area to be protected culture. This sign was “the Banner of Peace” — the white flag, which depicts three contiguous amaranth circle — past, present and future achievements of humanity, surrounded by a ring of Eternity. In the Covenant contains a General principle, the provisions on the protection of cultural values and respect, which should be provided.

On the basis in the development of the ideas of the Roerich Pact was signed the Hague Convention on the protection of cultural property in the event of armed conflict (1954), The Convention “On the protection of cultural and natural heritage” (1972), The Convention for the safeguarding of the intangible cultural heritage (2003), Convention on the protection and promotion of the diversity of cultural expressions (2005).

Minding Culture is especially relevant today, when the planet and the human community suffers new global economic and environmental crises, not stopping natural disasters and military conflicts. Only the rise of a Culture can unite people regardless of their nationality, age, gender, social and financial situation, to stop military conflicts and make moral politics and the economy. Only the adoption by States of national Culture is the key idea of Peace on Earth. Isn’t it in these days these words uttered 76 years ago were very important.

Since 1999 on the initiative of public organizations, this day is celebrated as the international day of culture. The days of culture include all dates that are somehow related to culture and art. International days of theatre, music, archives, museums, culture workers day, the Day of Russian libraries, the world day for cultural diversity for dialogue and development (21 may 2003)

Currently, the face not only an economic crisis but a crisis of spirituality. Consumer attitude to nature, the pursuit of wealth, indifference to the fate of the world and Russia, profanity, lack in the lives of spiritually-moral bases — the first signs of vulgarity. It’s like a natural disaster, if we talk about the consequences of detachment from spirituality and morality. But, unlike the disaster that comes upon us suddenly, this crisis can and should be prevented. The world cannot exist without the awareness of the true values, and this axiom must be captured in childhood.

It remains to wish that the international Day Culture United around wonderful as a lot of people and made a smooth transition into the Week, Year and Millennium Culture on our beautiful planet.