In what countries is unusual national holidays and festivals?
  Probably there is no country in which, since ancient times, there would be national holidays and traditions. Later, these annual mass celebrations were called festivals . Many holidays devote…

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The Festival "Moscow autumn"
  Moscow — one of the largest centers of world music. The city in which they lived Tchaikovsky, Taneyev, Rachmaninov, Scriabin, Shostakovich and Prokofiev, Aram Khachaturian and Myaskovsky, Sviridov, Schnittke,…

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Festival “Pavlovskaya autumn


Festival of arts «Pavlovskaya autumn” (hereinafter ” the Festival) was first held in 2009 in the framework of the Year of I. P. Pavlov. dedicated to the 160th anniversary since the birth of the eminent physiologist, the first Russian Nobel prize winner.

The Festival has become one of the stages in drawing the attention of the public, the media to the process of preservation of spiritual and moral heritage of I. P. Pavlov and development of General, musical and artistic education of the youth .

A renowned scholar, organizer of scientific activities, the founder of the strongest physiological school in the world, a physiologist, and a patriot to extreme old age retained a lasting interest in life and never limit yourself only to science.

I. P. Pavlov showed a keen interest in reading fiction. Favourite authors were M. Yu. William Shakespeare. J. Verne. F. M. Dostoevsky. I. A. Krylov .

Great fun had Pavlov, listening to famous pianist Hoffmann. violinist Jan Kubelik. Tchaikovsky’s ” Slippers “, “Eugene Onegin “, Mussorgsky ’ Khovanshchina “, “Boris Godunov “, the music of Prokofiev. N. A. Rimsky – Korsakov. A. P. Borodin .

The interest of the people to the fine arts, was Pavlov’s concept of “the reflex of purpose”: “I am convinced. — said Pavlov, — that in the human body there exists, besides known instincts, for example, to life, etc. there is still the desire, poorly formulated, little marked, but extremely important. It — the desire, the instinct I call the instinct of achieving the goal…”

Had a special attitude Pavlova to fine art: sometimes, looking at the canvas, he was reminiscing about his native place. “Love the painting”, ” said Pavlov Bitter. Ivan Petrovich was personally acquainted with many artists, among which Nesterov. Dubovskoy. Repin.

Artists and sculptors in his memoirs note that Pavlov liked to talk to them about art and spoke with a deep understanding of the subject.

He was monolithic as a scientist. as a citizen, as a person. This is his high dignity and for that, he enjoyed General respect. Therefore, the main objectives of the festival were:

-popularization of I. P. Pavlov through musical, poetic and artistic works;

-promotion of spiritual, moral and cultural heritage of academician I. P. Pavlova ;

-to involve the younger generation to cultural heritage;

-contribute to the successful development of the system of extracurricular education of children;

-development of creative abilities, initiative of students of secondary schools, institutions of further education, students of vocational educational and higher educational institutions;

-an introduction to cultural, Museum values.

The Festival is attended by students, institutions of additional education ( music school. DSHI. Children’s art school ), secondary schools of the city of Ryazan and the Ryazan region, students of Colleges. in the following nominations:

1.Musical performance «Music Pavlovsky home”:

a) — instrumental music (piano, violin, ensemble music-making)

b) — solo academic singing

— vocal ensemble academic areas

2.Art reading “the music of the verse”

3.Fine art ’s Estate of Pauline. Plein air”.

In 2011 the festival was attended by 313 people from institutions of further education, educational institutions, houses of culture of the city of Ryazan Sasova. Of Shatsk. Kasimov. Korablinsky. Shilovsky. Putyationo and Qasim regions, Ryazan College of music.

In 2012 the festival will take 335 participants Novomichurinsk. Pronsky. Starozhilovskogo. Korablinsky. Rybnoye. Shilovsky areas, Ryazan musical College n. a. G. and A. Pie. Ryazan art school. G. Wagner. RGDT. theatre “Transition”, School № 17, 57, 9 children’s music schools and art schools of the city of Ryazan.

The main goal of the festival — uniting, attracting harmony and unchanging charm of eternal human values — to bring culture to the people, through immersion in the atmosphere of the Pavlovsk home in the spiritual world with fond memories and alive with warmth.

11.00 – Musical performance «Music Pavlovsky home”

Instrumental music – violin

MUK “the Memorial Museum-estate of academician I. P. Pavlov”

The house of science

Ryazan, str. Pavlov, D. 25

Sep 27, 2012

11.30 am – the opening of the exhibition the category of Fine art ’s Estate of Pauline. Plein air”

12.00 – the Award ceremony and concert of the laureates of the IV Festival of arts «Pavlovskaya autumn”