Carnivals in Brazil
  Tinsel, loud music, colorful outfits, plastic bodies, noise and a unique sense of celebration — it's carnival in Brazil, one of the most important events in the life of…

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Exhibitions, festivals and fashion week: top 15 cultural events this autumn
  When: September 12 Charity festival "Apple Day" will be held in St. Petersburg for the third time. By tradition, all profit participants will bring to the AdVita Fund. Dishes…

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Exhibitions, festivals and fashion week: top 15 cultural events this autumn


When: September 12

Charity festival “Apple Day” will be held in St. Petersburg for the third time. By tradition, all profit participants will bring to the AdVita Fund. Dishes made from local apples, cider, market hand-made, entertainment for adults and children, music – 12 September everything will be in the best traditions of St. Petersburg fairs.

When: September 17 – October 10

This is the ninth international festival of cartoon stories will take place in St. Petersburg. The exhibition program will start on September 17, education – September 25. The best modern comic authors, professors of St. Petersburg universities and cultural centers will deliver lectures and conduct master classes for all who are fond of “paper” art.

When: September 19-26

In the framework of Swiss made in Russia in St. Petersburg for the third time will be held the week of modern dance art Switzerland. The house will be the site of the “Skorokhod”. but the festival will go beyond the walls: the organizers have already announced about a street performance on the Nevsky Prospekt.

When: September 26 – October 25,

Museum festival, which has existed in St. Petersburg since 2000, will be released this fall outside of Vasilievsky island. Under the theme “Hyperlocal: big discoveries” will unite the Museum-apartment Kuindzhi and the icebreaker “Krasin”. Museum of soil science and the Russian Academy of arts, Diaghilev art center and the geological Museum. academician Chernysheva. The main venue of the festival will remain the gallery “Art Muse”. already on September 26, opens the exhibition with participation of Russian and foreign artists.

When: September 26 – 6 October

At the 25-th edition of the festival “Message to man” will show 43 paintings from 25 countries. Among them are those, which the organizers are proud of right now: for example, a cartoon from North Korea. Traditionally a lot of bands from Europe, but there are participants from Bahrain, Morocco, Singapore, Qatar, Africa and South America. Among the 22 domestic documentary exactly half – newcomers. And, of course, all the movies combines humanistic idea of the festival.

When: September 30 – 5 October

The CROSS ART festival will present an unusual art projects from Russia and Europe, created at the junction of several art forms. This installation at the Museum site Erarta. and street actions, and site-specific theatre. According to the organizers, now is the perfect time to create NHO – unidentified art objects. The CROSS ART program and partially overlaps with the film festival “Message to man”: the first Exhibitions will show experimental films from the sections In Silico.

Regional version of the Beat Film festival Weekend is traditionally held in the first days of October in the cinema “Aurora”. In the programme – the five most important documentary films about cultural phenomena and the people they loved. This year will show films about Berlin, Montreal, Burrows, wandering the new York orchestra and the Washington hardcore 90s.

When: November 15-24

The festival, established in 2009 in honor of the centennial of the “Russian seasons” in Paris, this time opens this scientific conference will discuss the phenomenon of Dasilva as a philanthropist and patron of Russian culture. Within the main program will show the performances of the troupe Marte Graham, the idea of “TOREBKA”, the exhibition for the anniversary of Tchaikovsky and traditionally presents the award to “Surprise me!”, the winner of which last year was Mikhail Piotrovsky.

When: September 3 – 23 September

The organizers undertake to debunk one of the biggest myths about contemporary art: if he has no nationality. The work of Chinese artists of the last decade will show in Loft Project ETAGI. They say they have nothing in common with traditional Chinese art, but from ancient philosophy leads nowhere.

When: September 5 – 13 December

Loved by even the English Queen, Romero Britto is considered a living legend of pop art. His art objects can be found in the squares of London and Moscow, new York and são Paulo, and his handwriting is recognized in the design of the Samsung, Audi, Coca-cola, Evian, Disney. The artist will attend the opening of the exhibition in St. Petersburg and will hold a master class for children.

When: September 18 – 1 December

Petersburgers will be able to see the rich collection of anatomical exhibits and learn something new about the structure of your own body. A few years ago, the exhibition has already been held in the Northern capital, and now returns to the exhibition space at the stables,2.

When: September 22 – 22 November

In the framework of the Year of photography at the Hermitage all autumn will exhibit the work of photographer Steve McCurry, famous worldwide for his “Afghan girl” with bright blue eyes. In addition to that, the picture you can see a series of portraits, brought by McCurry from Japan, India, Russia, Yugoslavia, Cuba, Mexico and Brazil.

When: October 2 – 8 November

In the autumn, the Museum of theatrical and musical art show at the Sheremetev Palace new project dedicated to Maya Plisetskaya. Ballerina herself had begun work on a show about fashion and the theatre, but now the exhibition opens in her honor. Specifically for the project in Russia brought the costumes that were created for Plisetskaya Jean-Paul Gaultier, Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Cardin.