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How to go to the festival


Dear friends, it is summer, and that means ahead of a lot of variety and interesting festivals that you shouldn’t miss! Maybe you will be surprised, but the main reason people don’t go to festivals, it’s laziness. Too lazy to learn the details, too lazy to gather, too lazy to go.

Text: Maria Bakhirev, photo by the author and Alexander Lebedev

My husband and I have two years in a row, thanks to our friend Nastasia Mazurenko, go to the festival “Invasion”. This weekend I visited the “Wild mint” in the Park, in the Kaluga region. About the festivals, I will tell more, but for now a small educational program on “How we’re going to the festival”.

We are going on «Invasion»!

We really appreciated last year, when the night on “Invasion” has poured a Niagara falls.

The tent you need to buy a separate ticket. On the car, however, too.

What to bring: tent, sleeping bags.

2. Warm clothes

From the first paragraph follows the second. Will be cold at night, even if the day was very hot.

What to bring: sweater, warm socks.

3. Spare set of clothes. The cases may be different — you fell in the mud after a rain and was soaked to the skin, you poured beer, you caught on something and tore off a sleeve. And never forget that, among other things, the weather is too changeable.

What to bring: some socks, a shirt, shoes.

4. Food. If you do not take the food and eat at the festival, we immediately need to prepare for spending. It is clear that you have arrived, and listen to music. But some notes will not be full. A tea of “the Invasion” last year was worth 80 rubles, instant noodles — in the region of hundreds, rice, where the meat will need to look for, — 250 rubles. Seasoned travelers to such events take everything you need with you

Kebab from Valera

Last year we kind of badly prepared and gathered food, half of which was brought back. But hunger did not suffer, and for the food tents only went for tea, where the boiling water was poured in just 20 rubles.

Usually the territory of the festival it is forbidden to bring canned goods and perishable products such as sausages, drinks in glass containers.

What to bring: noodles, potatoes, and hot cereal, vegetables and fruits (you can home immediately to wash, often at festivals with this problem), water, tea, coffee, biscuits-crackers, bagels. Accordingly will not prevent camping tableware — bowl, a spoon-fork-knife (preferably plastic) and a mug.

5. Alcohol. The idea is that on the territory of any festival bring alcohol cannot. All know about the ban and yet all are carrying. How and where will you hide (at the entrance to the territory will be to watch) and what will you do, if you can find it — think for yourself.

6. Hygiene items. On the greater festivals, a shower, toilets are on the festivals of any size. But if in the beginning they look nice, the closer to completion, the more terrible they go. If there are some areas, like in “the Invasion”, the higher the ticket price, the decent will be the toilet.

What to bring: toilet paper, toothbrushes and toothpaste, wet and dry wipes, towel.

7. The first aid kit. The aid station at the festival usually is, but its minimal set not hurt.

What to bring: adhesive, analgin, aspirin, coal, mosquito repellent, analgesic.

8. Phone and camera. Charge all you need to advance home. Generally if the festival have the opportunity, time on it you still will not.

What to bring: spare batteries.

9. Jewelry, currency, gold bullion, leave it at home. Every year hundreds of people lose at festivals valuables. You need this?

10. In a good mood. Often the festival, especially large, it is a place of debauchery and bestiality, but it all depends on people. In “the Invasion” last year there was almost no drunken antics and incidents. Because most, surprisingly, tried to be polite and were willing to help. The General atmosphere of the holiday — relaxation. Many people came just to have a good weekend: outdoors, under favorite music with your friends.

A trip to the festival you can, of course, consider the extreme journey. But if the rain, the mud, the heat and the queues at the toilets do not scare you, then you can safely go. New experience and positive emotions at the festival you will certainly provide.

Those who missed (or visited, but wants more music and excitement) this weekend “Wild mint” the Ethnoworld “Manor Jazz” in Archangelskoye, can choose activities like during the whole summer.

9-12 June — Pereslavl-Zalesskii

10-11 June — Maxidrom — Moscow

June 11 — rock over the Volga — Samara

June 11 — Sensation — Saint Petersburg

June 29 — July 1 — Tuska – Helsinki (Finland)

June 30 — the creation of the world — Kazan