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Where are the best alcoholic festivals in the world

Today, there are a number of festivals spirits, which are held around the world. Each festival has its own interesting and has a unique atmosphere that attracts many people wishing to take part in them. We offer you to get acquainted with the most interesting festivals of spirits in the world.

1. The great American beer festival

This festival is considered the largest beer festivals and it is held annually in America in the highlands of Denver. This event lasts three days, and you can visit it during the period between mid September and early October.

Ticket price is $ 80 for tourists and only $ 25 for sober drivers. The event itself is a public tasting delicious Beers from small Breweries and private competition.

2. Wine festival Haro

Festival Haro is held annually on 29 June in the province of La Rioja, Spain, and more like a wet t-shirt contest, soaked in wine.

All the participants come out on this day early in the morning on the street, dressed in white robes and red scarves and head, grabbing a bottle of wine, to the hills of Binio. There all over each other with wine, and then go to watch the bullfight.

The name of the festival was provided by the town Wurstmarkt located in bad dürkheim, Germany, in which he is held. Its beginning the festival takes 1417, and today, every year this is the largest wine festival in the world visited by more than 600 thousand people.

To attend the event on the second and third weekend of September. It was then in that city is established the world’s largest wine barrel that can try anyone.

This festival is probably the most famous in the world. It is held annually from the last week of September to first week of October in Munich, Germany.

For 16 days on a huge area of 12 tents can try the most popular German Beers. Every year this event attracts more than 6 million people from around the world.

5. The rum Renaissance festival in Miami

Wild party for Miami is not uncommon. One of the most popular events is the festival of Roma, held in mid-April at the hotel «Doubletree”, located next to the Convention center and the airport Hilton in Miami. Moreover, this festival is popular not just among wine enthusiasts but also among companies representing the wine industry.

During the event, the slogan of which sounds like “the Rum is fun”, visitors can taste more than 100 types of rum.

6. The great British beer festival

This festival, organized by the consumer organization called “the Campaign for real beer”, held in the conference center Olympia London.

Annually it is visited by approximately 60 thousand people who can enjoy more than 900 different varieties of beer, ale, cider and Perry from more than 350 different British Breweries.

7. Whiskey festival “the Spirit of Speyside”

Whisky lovers know that the festival is their favorite beverage is held annually in Speyside, Scotland and lasts five days. Moreover, the festival is not in any particular place, but in all the distilleries, bars, castles and villages in the region. This festival is not only an occasion to have a great time, but also the opportunity to taste the best varieties of single malt whisky from this region.

8. International beer festival in Qingdao

For the past three years, starting from the second week of August in Qingdao, China held the most extensive beer festival in Asia. The event lasts several weeks, during which you can try beer from all over Europe and Asia.

9. The Feast Of Absinthe

Small town Poweress in Western Switzerland is famous for the fact that there are grown wormwood. Every year in this town attracts tourists from all over the world who want to participate in the festival of absinthe. Here you can not only taste great absinthe, as well as enjoy a great Swiss food.

10. Week Cocktails in London

Every year in early October in London, held a Week of Cocktails. Anyone who will purchase a wristband for £ 10, will be able to enjoy the best cocktails in the world for just £ 5. The event is attended by hundreds of bars and restaurants around town.

11. Festival of spirits in San Francisco

During the Festival of spirits in San Francisco you can taste more than 150 kinds of elite alcohol. Anyone who is interested in elite kinds of spirits, should not miss this event, held in the city of the Golden Gate for two days in mid-August.

12. The national grape harvest festival

This festival is annually held in the Mendoza province of Argentina. Every year it is visited by about 20 thousand people who enjoy the performances of dancers and singers, spectacular fireworks, wine tasting, and the ceremony of choosing the Queen of the Grape harvest.