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Theatrical Grand Prix of the Amur autumn festival

Theater the Grand Prix of the festival “the Amur autumn”, the jury awarded the play “roller coaster” Director Alexander Nazarov, producer Valery Levushkin.

“In the competition of theatrical performances the prize for “Best actor” received the George Taratorkin, who played a major role in the play “roller coaster”.

Prize “Best Director” awarded to Vladimir Pankova for the play “Territory of love”, Elena Yakovleva, who played the main character in the play “the Territory of love,” awarded “best actress”. “Amur crane” for best supporting actor awarded to Emanuel Vitorgan for his role in the play “the love”, – said the interlocutor.

For the first time awarded the prize for the best scenography has been artistic Director of the play “rollercoaster” Mr Boer.

Grand Prix for the best film awarded to the film “Minnesota” directed by Alexander Proshkin, told RIA Novosti on Sunday, the spokesman of the forum.

“Tape “Minnesota” received at the festival “the Amur autumn” two more prizes – “drama”, which was written by playwright Alexander Mindadze, and “best actor”, performed by actor Sergey Gorobchenko”, – said the Agency interlocutor.

According to him, the jury just two competitions of the festival of theatre has defined winners in 15 nominations. Each of them got the prize “Amur cranes”.

In the competition of feature films prizes “Amur cranes” awarded: for best Director – Vladimir Mirzoev for feature film “the Man who knew everything,” for best cinematography – Ruslan Gerasimenko (film “One war”). Prize “best actress” first time in the history of the festival received five Actresses – the heroine of the film “One war”: Natalia Surkova, Natalia Kudryashova, Julia Melnikova, Anna Rodion, Ksenia Surkova.

The seventh festival “the Amur autumn” was held in Blagoveshchensk and other towns of the Amur region from 13 to 20 September. The programme included films and theatrical performances with the participation of many famous actors of Russia.

In the competition program “the Amur autumn” was included nine new domestic films and six theatrical performances. After the festival on Sunday evening, the jury will award six prizes of the Russian films, six plays, also established six special prizes.

For the first time in the history of festivals “Amur autumn” this year, the performances of the competition show took place not only in Blagoveshchensk. Game famous actors saw residents Free, Belogorsk, Shimanovsk, Raichikhinsk, Serysheva, other cities and settlements of the region. Except for ten performances in the towns and villages of the Amur region and passed ten creative meetings with actors. Viewers of the Amur region met with Vasily Lanovoy, Larissa Luzhina, Yuri Chernov, Viktor Proskurin, other artists of theater and cinema.

After the festival, “the Amur autumn” the participants will depart on September 21 in the neighboring Annunciation Chinese border town of Heiho, and then visit the other two cities of China – Harbin and Shenyang. In Harbin we will present two new feature films.

VLADIVOSTOK, Sep 20 – RIA Novosti, Anatoly Iliychov

Best performance “Amur autumn” – “rollercoaster”.

The jury summed up the results of the seventh Amur festival of theatre and cinema.

So ended the seventh “Amur autumn”. Today in the EAC at the closing ceremony of the festival jury announced the results of competitions for the best enterprise performance and the movie. The Grand Prix among the performances won the “roller coaster” with George and Anna Taratorkin starring. George Taratorkin and also received the award for best actor. Among the actors of the second plan the jury noted Emmanuil Vitorgan. The prize for best actress was awarded to Elena Yakovleva, who played the lead role in the play “territory of love”. The prize for the best scenography has been artistic Director of the play “rollercoaster” Mr Boer.

As the jury special prize noted the entire ensemble cast of the play “Late love” – Clara Novikova, Emmanuil Vitorgan and Latina Kanevsky. The same prize among the films the jury said the film “Be with me” directed by Maria Maximova. Best film of the festival – “Minnesota” directed by Andrei Proshkin. Among the films audience award was awarded to the film “One war” by Vera Glagoleva.

At the closing ceremony was not without technical delays – start delayed by forty minutes due to “technical problems”, said the President of festival Sergey Novozhilov. These problems arose because of inconsistencies in different versions of a scenario – sound engineer was one, leading – the other, a Directorate – third.

However, leading the closing ceremony of Alexander Nosik and Elena Zakharova with the professionalism out of various difficult situations – joked in the case of overlap did not let the audience get bored.

– Tough year, but she finished. Now residents of the region, Blagoveshchensk, and the Directorate, and the jury are sure that this wonderful festival will continue. Until we meet again! – summed up the President of the film forum “Amur autumn” Sergey Novozhilov.