Theatrical Grand Prix of the Amur autumn festival
Theater the Grand Prix of the festival "the Amur autumn", the jury awarded the play "roller coaster" Director Alexander Nazarov, producer Valery Levushkin. "In the competition of theatrical performances the…

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The brightest holidays of different countries with the gorgeous Uma Thurman
  [caption id="attachment_3839" align="alignleft" width="300"] SONY DSC[/caption] In Milan the presentation of the 2014 Campari Calendar, dedicated to the most bright and colorful holidays around the world. The heroine of…

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The decoration of the festive table.


Holiday soon, everything is left to chance. You already picked for celebration appropriate menu, style design table decorations for meals. When we had guests, we want everyone to be comfortable at a table where all the food and drinks hit the spot, the table setting was lovely, worthy of praise. The table decorations for my birthday . or any other celebration like wedding, birthday, Valentine’s day should be paid no less attention than cooking. Master the art of decoration of the festive table is not so easy.

Wedding is a long awaited event, a very important and memorable for a lifetime not only for honeymooners but also for invited. Wedding is the day of the formation of a new cell in society, a new family. On wedding party tables are set in a special way, not like other holidays. Here, a white, starched tablecloths, crystal glassware, silver Cutlery. So, usually it’s a tradition. Wedding table decoration can serve and flowers and carvings of animals from fruits and vegetables, cakes decorated with cream, sprinkles, a figurine bride and groom, candles, unusual shape glasses, bowls and this is just licenciature of types of jewelry.

We bring to your attention to look at photos of beautifully decorated wedding table.

Isn’t he gorgeous!

But it’s also possible to arrange your wedding in a different style, if you like other colors, such as pink, table decorations will make in pink, also looks fine.

One of the most important events in the life of a person is the child’s birthday. A holiday is always a joy, surprises, gifts, smiles and fun. Your child was happy celebration you need to consider how you will decorate the holiday table for his birthday, if the gift you have already chosen. Definitely need a bright balls, preferably of different colors, sparkling children’s champagne, a cake decorated with candles. The perfect decoration for a children’s table will be soft toys, chocolate animal figurines, figurines made of fruits and vegetables, salads, decorated on top with greens, olives.

Look at the photos, maybe this design holiday table you will come to taste.

Although to decorate the children’s table easy thing to fantasize, more bright colors, sweets and gifts. Your child will be happy if the holiday table and enjoy his friends. Create the holiday atmosphere right in your hands!

Tips for festive table decoration:

1. I would like to talk about the role of the tablecloth in the decoration of the festive table. The tablecloth is considered an important element in the table, without it not to manage. For each family and for each holiday color of the tablecloth is selected. For example: for a wedding-white tablecloths, birthday – bright colors, anniversary – red color.

But basically all I use white tablecloths, the emphasis is on bright and colorful napkins tableware, beautifully decorated dishes. On the white tablecloth can be placed any ware, any color, while the color need to adjust the shades of the plates and bowls. Also the color of the tablecloth depends on what time of the year celebrate the triumph. In the spring time look great dishes on the tablecloth with embroidery. Here perfect the decoration of the table like a bouquet of spring flowers. In summer, yellow and red colors of the tablecloth will decorate the table to match with dishes of berries and fruits. Autumn looks great festive table with a tablecloth the color of ochre.

As we said earlier, the best option is the white color of the tablecloth.

In these photos perfectly pronounced emphasis on the design of the table for a specific holiday. Once it is clear where Valentine’s day,and where Christmas.

2. Swipe is also not less important element of the festive table. They need to guests while eating clean, neat, and table decorations. Beautifully rolled, ironed napkin harmonizes perfectly with the dish. For a regular lunch napkin folded in the shape of a triangle, for the holidays there are many more complex variants of folding (fan, roll, envelope).

3. One of the original holiday decorations strauses figures from paper. Use your imagination imagination, try to make a paper some animal.

4. A festive table decoration and can become the dishes themselves. Prepare the salad in the form of a rose, cut curly sandwiches, decorate with beautiful fruit bowl. Place in the center of the table a bouquet of flowers, avoid vases of large size. Demonstrate your creativity, but you must be careful, too much jewelry is not necessary, the table will look too harsh. Choose jewelry with bright colors.

5. The style of decoration of the festive table, which includes tablecloths, napkins, crockery, Cutlery should be one.

A beautifully decorated table is aesthetically pleasing and always beautiful, but the main decoration of the festive table are kind and hospitable hosts!