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Spiritual gifts for the spring holiday: original and fresh!


Spring! The world is waking up, alive, and refreshed in anticipation of beauty, tenderness, warmth, and bright colors! In light women’s day March 8, want a special way to please cute girls, moms. friends and just all women with a wonderful holiday of spring and beauty! In anticipation of the March 8 all puzzled looking for presents, so the site is “Beautiful and Successful” with pleasure will share with you the spiritual ideas and original gifts.

I think many female readers of the site “Beautiful and Successful” will agree that in the first place is always heartwarming gifts made by your own hands . This expression of your soul, feelings and bright wishes.

Besides, you will get great pleasure in the creative process. What can we say about a close person whom you are giving a piece of your heart!

Spiritual gifts for March 8

The original album, Notepad, diary or card

Here’s the first example of how to do spiritual gifts with their hands.

In this case, great help “scrapbooking” is a very beautiful and simple technique creative design objects using cardboard, paper and decorative details. There is a huge space to fly your imagination and the ability to be creative.

This decorative art helps very subtly and gently tell them about your love, deeper understanding of family values and to unite you together.

I recently created a Diary of Happiness . which combined photo album with bright wishes on almost every page of the notebook, which allows you to warm with pleasant memories, to make daily plans, record delicious recipes, and more…in General anything.

It turned out just great and very original, positive and functional!

Oh, and what kind of expression was at my mom needed to see! She’s like a child attentively looked at every photo, lettering, flower and touch. After all, when you create with love, always get an excellent result! Try to make such heartfelt gifts!

The legend of the most charming and adorable

To create a legend in a modern format, you can use the program for presentations — PowerPoint . You can post photos, beautiful poems, wishes and season all the music from your favorite songs and compositions.

Imagine how nice to read an ode of praise from his beloved native person, immediately lifted the mood? Even if for a moment felt sad, then you can always look in the legend and again Shine!

Emotions as a gift

The thing is that after all that’s what we actually remember. So what are spiritual gifts without emotion?

Offer to give the most memorable highlights of your life! Even better together to participate in them, then for a long time to savor and share the joy.

Of course, if the girl is not fond of extreme sports, to shock her parachute jump is hardly worth it. But, I’m sure no woman can remain indifferent to the hand massage . Because it’s magic, from which you can just melt, and we, alas, rarely pamper yourself with such trifles.

To give pleasant moments and emotions is very simple: buy a certificate to a beauty salon or make a miracle massage yourself.

Bag hook

This kind of gift certainly not crossed your mind!

But this is an original accessory and just a handy trick that allows you to escape from the pouch on her hands and worries “where is it next?”.

Instead, you may place the bag on any surface in a cafe, restaurant, school or work, and even to emphasize your style.

By the way, there are many beautiful options holders for handbag . for every taste and color, with interesting pictures and shiny pebbles, of various forms, including in the form of a heart.

And if you want you can add the hook engraved with a personalized inscription.

Painting beads

I’m guessing you’re thinking: “Such heartfelt gifts I cannot pay for it, it is very difficult”…

However, this does not need to be a brilliant artist or be able to embroider!

You can just buy the workpiece (suitable pattern for cross stitch or other options), then pick up and place beads on it. To fix this creativity colorless instant glue, select a frame with the glass of the desired size and place your masterpiece – the painting is ready!

Magnet with photo

Very modern and spiritual gift that is always in sight and will delight every day! Photos will fit any: not only happy owner of a gift, but also yours, and maybe a pet or a beautiful place which you associate memories.

Though it sounds tempting?

A mysterious bouquet of chocolates

To such heartfelt gifts really remember and liked, it should not just order a beautiful bouquet or make it yourself, and yet at every monument to invest a compliment and wish. Smiles and good mood is guaranteed!

We hope these tips are helpful, and your spiritual gifts actually will please those for whom it is intended.