The Festival "Moscow autumn"
  Moscow — one of the largest centers of world music. The city in which they lived Tchaikovsky, Taneyev, Rachmaninov, Scriabin, Shostakovich and Prokofiev, Aram Khachaturian and Myaskovsky, Sviridov, Schnittke,…

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The Amazing customs and traditions of different Nations of the world
  In Denmark the flag hanging in the window, says that in this house someone celebrating a birthday. In Thailand, a holiday song, the Crane is considered to drench passers-by…

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Section: news & events / the Kaleidoscope of events In venecianskiy carnival – the most beautiful holiday in Europe, and for those who loves him, is the most beautiful in the world. Cold wind blows from the lagoon, dampness chilling and small squares and narrow streets of Venice within ten holidays wandering in bizarre outfits of the crowd, forming an incredible mixture incognito – billionaire and the last kid was a provincial, a rich aristocrat and commoner. All is well. And everyone can do whatever they want. As well as Russian Carnival, the carnival takes place before lent.

This year the festival runs from 18 to 28 February. Saturday, February 18, was ball day. Sunday, February 19, from the bell tower of San Marco pulled on the rope “angel”. Not a doll, but a living person. An old tradition that originated in the seventeenth century, was restored last year. This action is called: “descending angel”.

On Sunday there was also the traditional ball gondoliers. The 23rd will be “Historic Bal”, 24th – “treasure Hunt” and ball “Games Casanova”, 25th – costume parade gondoliers, the 26th- children’s carnival “Pinocchio”, 28-th – fireworks and a Large masquerade ball. The carnival’s theme this year is “the Dragon and the lion”, so the traditional Baroque costumes and masks flash masks in the Chinese style. Originality, charm and sophistication to the oldest carnival in the world give the masks and medieval costumes. They give you the feeling of presence in the distant past.

At the carnival, the city annually for many centuries becomes the backdrop, where played exquisite and strange action. At this time, played a lot of shows, one of the most aristocratic palaces, where the carnival techniques. All wish to receive invitations to all hang out. The Venetian carnival are prepared during the year. Pre book their rooms in hotels, which at this time is fabulously expensive.

In Venice there are special stores that sell beautiful costumes and they can be rented. Wealthy people bought incredibly expensive clothes for the carnival from famous designers. But an ordinary citizen or a tourist, wearing a cap, mask and stuck his nose from onlookers becomes a member of a very special event. Of the many carnivals that before the lent shaft rolling out across the world, all fun and entertaining, only Venetian carnival gives a sense of passing time.

Among merriment suddenly realize that life goes. It’s a sad holiday with a very strong sense of history, the carnival of ghosts. But outwardly he is cheerful: the narrow-winter crude ancient streets along the cold channels wanders unusual and brightly dressed crowd, in the Windows of countless cafes trembles dim light. There gormanstown: drink wine, ice Grappa, eat delicious carnival doughnuts with cream. All relax before the long lent.

But do not think that the carnival of Venice – only elitist action. This, of course, like other carnivals around the world, is a part of mass culture. There attracts crowds of tourists. Each of them reveals the “I” and be absolutely happy. Very popular carnival in Venice has sexual minorities.

To the Venetians carnival – their first holiday with preservation of old traditions. Wearing costumes, dressing up your children, they visit each other’s homes on a family gala dinners. With the beginning of lent, the town is empty. Subside till next February, a crowd of half a million of masked madmen and romantics.