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Autumn holidays and traditions of the peoples of the world: the Festival of cuckolds in Italy


There are a lot of unusual holidays, festivals and traditions of the peoples of the world.

On one of these holidays, I want to share with You today.

For about 20 years, on the second Saturday and Sunday of November, in Italy, not far from Rome, in the town of Rock Canterano (Roca Canterano), gets a rather unusual holiday.

Already known as the “Festival of cuckolds” (Festa del Cornuto), brings a smile.

Oh, these Italians! They are ready to party for any reason.

Suggest You learn a little more about this unusual holiday or fest, as often the Italians say.

Autumn holidays and traditions of the peoples of the world: the Festival of cuckolds in Italy

In Italy, however, as in Russia, the term “cuckold” (cornuto), means unfortunate man betrayed and deceived by their partner.

We all know what the term means. Do You know why so say and who first coined this term?

There are several versions.

First, the mythological.

Beautiful goddess Diana performed ablution in the Creek. Actaeon saw her, could not tear himself away from the contemplation of this beauty.

But fearing the wrath of Diana, he decided to sneak a peek behind the goddess. Enraged, she found the man and turned him into a stag, crowned with horns.

Second, historical.

In ancient Byzantium, during the reign of Emperor Andronicus Comnenus (Andronikos I. Komnenos, 1183-1185), there was a custom. Men were allowed to hunt in the forest of Emperor deer and other animals, if the Emperor had an affair with their wives. In order for everyone to know these “chosen ones”, on the gates of their houses were painted antlers.

Heroes who returned from the battle, crowned with horns. It was an honorary prize that could see the brave warrior from afar.

But returning home after years of fighting, these heroes-soldiers generally met with a crushing defeat in his bed.

Alas, hot Roman women, wives or favourite, they really don’t, not for long, waited.

Surprisingly, in almost all countries of the world have their own legends and their own interpretation of why the horns are crowned deceived husbands.

England, Germany, Italy, Russia, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, the Arab countries, Barbados and China – that is not a complete list of countries where the word cuckold and hand gesture “the goat” (horns, raspaltsovki, turtle) means the same and is considered very indecent in all countries of the world, even in Japan.

And every country is trying to prove that they had invented this term and this gesture.

In the town of Rock Canterano has its own legend of occurrence of that term. And although it is believed that cheating is not a reason to have fun, the Italians have decided differently. They decided that there is no need to cry if you can have fun.

In fact – this is another kind of carnival. But his main attribute – the horns on his head. Welcome small branched horns and antlers.

Women are not behind men. But prefer to wear horns are small and very cute.

The procession of cuckolds, songs, dances, satirical skits on the theme of adultery interspersed with tasting of local dishes.

In the holiday menu includes beans with pork rind, sausage, barbeque, steaks, pasta and roasted chestnuts. Oh! Is it possible to list everything that you can try on the Italian fest!

The most important event of the festival is the procession of burlesque.

Car driven six-foot horns, a parody of celebrity infidelity, the horned king sits on the throne, sarcastic verses and “Oscar” for the loud and the famous treason.

By the way, for many years this award was received by Hillary Clinton, that’s only to visit her in Italy did not want. Maybe not much about her this award told.

So, as you can see, although cheating is not a reason to have fun, but as they say, «If the bride went to another, unknown, lucky». So, you can dance!