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Carnival in Rio de Janeiro


Football and carnival in Rio de Janeiro two things in Brazil evoke the same strong emotions. Brazil is hosting not one carnival, but carnival in Rio de Janeiro is undoubtedly the most spectacular, the biggest, the loudest, the most erotic. There is no doubt that this fabulous event you can come up with a lot of enthusiastic epithets. Perhaps that is why there are so many people who just dream at least once in life to get to the carnival in Brazil. But, unfortunately, Rio at this time may not take more than 500 thousand tourists.

Carnival in Rio is a festival, or rather the competition of different schools incendiary dance – Samba. Samba schools in Brazil big set and each wants to win, to prove that she is the best. The participants of the carnival are preparing for it the whole year. Carnival in Rio de Janeiro held at the Sambadrome. The sambadrome is a concrete platform resembling a stadium with comfortable lodges and stands. During the carnival procession dusky dancers the best of Brazilian Samba schools of the hottest sounds of music pass in front of the audience and the jury. The colourful carnival processions in addition to semi-Nude beautiful dancers, decorated with peacock feathers, participate, and play tambourines men, which is also decorated with feathers and have a bright mask. The basis of the show is loud pulsating rhythm of the music. Carnival the fun continues till morning, and then the whole next day the tourists are sleeping it off. Who in hotels, who on the beaches. While the beaches of Brazil. I must say, not less exotic.

Traditionally, the largest and most important part of the carnival takes place seven weeks before Easter from Friday to Tuesday. At this time, everyone in town is closed. Only work hotels, cafes and restaurants. In the Boulevard restaurants are waiting for their buyers a wide range of soft drinks. Note that coconut milk in this heat best thirst quencher. During the days of carnival can still make good money and sellers carnival costumes, the owners of the Samba schools and speculators selling at the last moment tickets for the Sambadrome. By the way, the most expensive tickets cost 1,000 dollars.

After the carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil begins celebrating the victory of the winning Samba school, which in its scope and popularity is not inferior to the celebration of the achievements of the country in the football Championships. Erase: Football Brazil .

So 500 thousand places at all is clearly not enough, especially if holiday want right now, then take a look at carnival in Brazil video:

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But if you want You can have videos longer, more hours incendiary Samba and dancing. Video: carnival in Rio de Janeiro to watch online, for free.

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The carnival in Rio photo:

You might think that this is not Brasilia and another planet.

Looks like the Brazilians in addition to Samba, invented a time machine .

Dancers during the carnival in Rio de Janeiro dress is very colorful, as well as everyone else.

Brazilian girls look at least exotic.

The fact? what the Brazilians as blood flows European Portuguese and the local Indians and Negro slaves brought from Africa.n But, unlike many other countries, here they are mixed, forming a simple Molotov cocktail.

They say that you can see forever on fire and water. I think here is well deserved, you can add and how dancing girls at the carnival in Rio.

But unfortunately, like all good things, the carnival in Rio de Janeiro can’t last forever and, invariably, ends. But, the tourists have the time to save money until the next carnival in Brazil in the new year.