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How to pass the largest carnivals in the world?


Wearing a mask, we reject the conventions and stereotypes, produced by himself at will and enjoy it. Metamorphose, we have cast off the chains of imposed standards and dive into the abyss of colors, emotions and passions. In February begins world carnival procession . addictive all who are not alien to the festive atmosphere of music, dancing and outfits. It is assumed that the beginning of all carnivals was started in ancient times, when after the harvest, in gratitude to the God Saturn Romans arranged folk festivals, the Saturnalia, where, at one table could sit and slaves and their owners, of course, after putting on the mask in order to avoid class conflicts. What is the history and traditions of carnival . What prima-characters participate in Halloween activities? And can I join?

Historical carnival in Ivrea

The carnival in Viareggio

Carnival in Sardinia, Verona, Viareggio, Ivrea, Putignano, and many other Italian cities are famous for its deep-rooted traditions, telling visitors General fun about the historical characteristics of the regions or simply their mood and character.

But, worldwide popularity, nevertheless, acquired a carnival in Venice. famous for its elegance, charm and luxury. At this time the entire city is transformed and begins to live in a special rhythm. Own style when creating masks allows you to accurately determine the Venetian area.

Classic Venetian costumes

The first official mention of the Venice carnival refer to the XI century, and by the end of the XIII century it was officially sanctioned by the Senate of the Venetian Republic. It was at this time begin to form their traditional images of masks and costumes. To us they are better known as the merry harlequin, sad and yearning Piero, the mask of a beautiful lady, mask doctor with long and drooping nose (its usually wore doctor who during the height of the plague, from the inner side of the mask was laid in the nose fees for special herbs to infection spared hurrying to help the patient doctor). Eighteenth-century tradition of the opening of the carnival in Venice . called “Volo della Colombina”. St. Mark’s square from the belfry of the Campanile launch paper dove Columbine, which is like a firecracker, exploding in the air, showering the audience with colored confetti.

Since then, the classic costumes were added fantasy. So who on here that much. Want to participate in the carnival in Venice. Then get feathers, rhinestones, frills, buckles, ruffles – everything can go in the course. Let Your costume will display Your second “I”. Most importantly, make You feel harmonious mask. And then You will have to walk sedately, elegantly turning his head, gently gesturing hand, allowing enthusiastic photographers to capture your image, hearing the answer: “Bellissimo”!