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Rendezvous with autumn. Photo report on the environmental festival


Hello, dear friends! Within a short period had accumulated so much material that the delay in publication is fraught with even greater debris. Because the site is, after all, Palacky will begin with our universal favourites. Rendezvous with autumn for this butterfly ended tragically: I picked her up on the street on a cold windy day, I thought that it just freeze in the wind and in the warmth will revive, but the butterfly remained a decoration on the shelf with violets.

Last Saturday in Zhitomir in the premises of the television station was 5 Festival of Human Ecology, he was small but bright and unpredictable as the city itself. Because human ecology violets are directly related: plants that are so beneficial effect on the psyche and emotional state, we are constantly invited to decorate a display of festivale.

On a trip to this day led the group of boys from a special care home for troubled children, but the children made such a favorable impression that just such a long time not seen, children from ordinary schools. however, judge for yourself. This kid is so considered flowers that I couldn’t resist to take a picture.

The children concerned with a view assorted handouts, bright publications are esoteric and environmental papers, quietly, without too much hustle and pampering.

Since, the festival was held in the studios, the event was filmed by journalists from the evening news, it is a pity, transfer me to look at failed.

The building itself telecentre nothing, ordinary box of glass and concrete, a pleasant exception is the winter garden in the lobby.

And the entrance was full of autumn.

Great discovery became the book of wonderful modern skazochnitsy Tatiana Vecherko among medical, educational and esoteric literature. Don’t know if I have the right to publish her stories

Adults at the festival could not only look unique scientific films, listen to interesting lectures by nutritionists, psychologists and interesting people, but also to test their own skepticism of the frame work on the measurement of the magnetic field. I tried too, is standing next laptop displeasure cracked by rotation of the frame.

The article turns out too big. Want more and violets show closer. So the story will continue next time, but for now, as briefly expressed cat Behemoth, Ball!

EC – Winter Wonder – sweet and gentle disdainful, with soft pink, accentuated fine lines of colors.

Another beauty of this breeder – EC-Gate of Heaven. The name speaks for itself.

The mood of autumn filecheck some pink, here’s another pumpkin – my favorite is Sunkissed Rose with venous pattern on a modest gold plated colors.

Mums starting to bloom in our area since August, but peak flowering is in October. Not to show this beauty, this extravaganza is a riot of colors and forms would be a crime. Comment is superfluous, so just post the photo with this amazing festival of colors where people wander, as enchanted.

Now let’s show these amazing creatures better, because every Bush – individuality and perfection. Bal, Lord!

Around chamomile chrysanthemum swirl striped drones – harmless buddies are asleep for the winter bees.

Next time will talk about the outing on a bright Sunny and unusually warm day, and as the continuation of the story about the eco-festival.