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How to make a mask with your hands at the carnival


Here’s an easy way to make a mask with your hands for a masquerade party. This Venetian mask will look as good as just bought at the Italian store.

Do Venetian mask with your hands

Most of the work on painting requires some details. Because tools are often used only once or twice, they should be cheap. Masks of good quality are expensive because of the originality and uniqueness. It’s too expensive for such low usage. We are going to use the materials at hand to create these interesting masks.

You can use this statement as a basis for creating your masks. For example, decorate it with lace or gold braid or change its shape – make narrower.

Photo for example:

Step 1. Materials

What you’ll need .

• Cheap styrene comic masks from the store

• Polyurethane resin for car repair or glass

• Hot glue

• Super glue gel

• A few scraps of fabric (I like satin)

• Art acrylic paint and ink

• Trimming lace (if you want to get really fantasy)

• Epoxy resin

• Imagination

The comic mask in the store are very cheap, cost 100 rubles. for 10 masks, but they are very low quality and at first glance is not too promising. Holes for the eyes wrong as the holes for nose and mouth. Nose theyare small, not well-formed lips, and they are really thin and soft.

Don’t worry, we can fix all that!

Here is the basis of the mask. Dedicated eye opening better marker.

Step 2. Cut out the mask

With scissors cut out the new holes for the eyes. The exact shape and size will depend on the mask you want to create.

Try to find or create an image mask that you like, and then cut through that form.

Here is the original and fit the mask.

In addition, at this stage you need to think about the final form of the mask and decorate on the same form.

Step 3. Refinement (improvement mask)

To fix the softness of this mask after conversion to the selected form, flip it over and cover with a thin layer of resin for car repair. Let dry for 10 minutes and then add the second layer, wherein attaching the layer of fabric on the resin.

You will be amazed at how hard mask becomes after that. Leave on for a couple of hours, and then treat it with scissors.

Remove sharp edges and roughness with sandpaper or use a Dremel, which speeds up the process a bit. Because the layers of tissue will only strengthen the bumps in the holes for nose and mouth.

Step 4. Additions design

At this stage, to make a mask jester harlequin. We gave the mask shape. Now, make a diamond pattern with a felt pen.

Using super glue, glue some diamonds red satin from scraps. Not too worry, if the diamond will be slightly off at this stage.

Step 5. Start drawing

Here we remove the excess red satin back and paint them in a few black diamonds, using acrylic paint. Edges can be a bit uneven.

Step 6. The embodiment of the idea

Then very gently apply a small layer of hot glue along the outer edge of the mask and around the eyes. Paint a layer of glue in gold color (or any color you choose).

Now apply super glue balls zig-zag motion on each edge of the diamonds and leave the mask on overnight to dry. Paint a layer of glue in a dark brown color. You can use the spray can or airbrush to create the best effect. According to the technique of “dry brush” scroll to the top of the chain of gold and silver paint.

In addition, you can use beautiful lace with gold trim. Small enough cut.

Step 7. Other finish options

If you want the mask to the entire face, you have to make a new nose and lips of the two masks, connecting them with epoxy.

This may seem complicated, but it actually was easier.

You can add cardboard or plastic down or feathers to create a full jester mask. See scenes from the movie “eyes wide shut” to new ideas or look for them online…