How to pass the largest carnivals in the world?
  Wearing a mask, we reject the conventions and stereotypes, produced by himself at will and enjoy it. Metamorphose, we have cast off the chains of imposed standards and dive…

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Most large-scale festivals and carnivals of the world
  Once a year in some parts of the world come special days – bright, magical, and slightly crazy carnivals. Some, such as Brazilian carnival or the Spanish running of…

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Unusual British festivals


Did You ever swim in the swamps in Acqualagna? Did You try, what the taste of raw nettle leaves? Fled, while holding in the hands of a barrel of hot tar? If You decide to visit Britain, such pleasure will be provided, of course, in that case, if You are a lover of the strange and unusual sensations.

Scuba diving in the swamp Llanwrtyd wells, Wales

Each participant is invited to swim at least two distances, which are held on thick peat bog. The prerequisite is the use of well-known styles of swimming, — only thus can win the swimmer, who will come to the finish line first. Today, this sport became known all over the world, moreover, there were such events as marsh triathlon marsh and Cycling.

Tar barrels, Ottery-St. Mary, Devon

Annually, on November 5 Devon street people go, bearing in their hands the barrels of burning pitch. The origin of this festival has several different versions, however, the very common one is the version that originally this ritual was considered a pagan, with it people clean the streets of evil spirits.

Hunting count Ron, Combe Martin, Devon

If you time Your trip to Devon will be in the month of may, go straight to the village of Combe Martin, which is in the old ancient festival, during which dressed in beautiful costumes people are searching for count Ron. Is count by Monday evening, after which it passes through the streets, sitting on the donkey backwards, shoot at it than knock his ass and at the end of the holiday count thrown into the sea.

Contest flying suits and apparatus Bognor Regis, Sussex

Every year the contestants jump off the pier to ascertain who among them is able to fly further than the others. Here you can see the craziest costumes, and incredible flying machines, which are driven by their own creators. Party who will be able to cover a distance of one hundred meters, and will fly the next one everyone will get a special prize of 30 thousand pounds.

World championship eating nettles, Marshwood, Dorset

Every year in the month of June several volunteers gather in the pub and compete with each other, finding out, who from them will be able in one hour to eat more nettle leaves. The history of the competition started two farmers who argued about whose nettle above. Third, the farmer took a chance and showed its stem of a nettle, stating that he will easily eat up any stem that is longer than its nettle. The word he had to keep.

Miodonski race in the mud, Essex

This race was attended by 250 people, who will take them in the black stinking river Blackwater in Essex. Before participating in the race, the participants recommended a tetanus shot, and shoes to attach to the leg with adhesive tape. Races are held in January, very low-temperature.

The world championship Game in Trivia, Oxfordshire

The game of trivia, the meaning of which is that the participants are thrown into the river from the bridge sticks, then wait for the whose of them will appear first on the opposite side of the river, is a typical pastime in the UK. This game came from books about Winnie-the-Pooh, and quickly became popular among the thousands of Britons who recently began to arrange on it these Championships.

World championship affectation, Egremont, Cumbria

Competitors try to scorch the face. Possible terrible. This competition is held in Britain since 1266. Initially what I wore a collar around the head, and this gave the already horrible grimaces even more awesome view. Today the competition involved not only toothless old people, but people with elastic skin that can make the most unimaginable way.

Competition wearing wives on his hands, Hereford Racecourse

The final stage of the competition a day of beer and cider competitions are wearing wives on hand. This game originates from a joke, which is customary for the newlyweds to wear his beloved in his arms. Today the man, who manages to overtake your rivals, wins a prize – a beer which has a weight equal to the weight of the winner.