Festivals and holidays in the Seychelles
Seasonal festivals in Seychelles attract a lot of guests, as characterized by abundance of fun. Very popular in Seychelles annual marathon sporting events, namely, competitions boating and deep sea fishing.…

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  Section: news & events / the Kaleidoscope of events In venecianskiy carnival - the most beautiful holiday in Europe, and for those who loves him, is the most beautiful…

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Day of cabbarov: the most unusual festivals Volswagen


In Europe they call themselves Dubberly. This word originates from English letter W, which is pronounced as “doubleu” and together with V emblazoned on the logo of Volkswagen. And this is a category of people who never get bored together. From their meetings, they are able to make a real holiday, bright and unusual. We present you a selection of the most original of the last festivals and meetings Volkswagen.

VW Show: Bus Types – for hippies of all ages

Held in April of this year in the UK VWShow: BusTypes was organized in the style most familiar to all fans of Volkswagen buses. People came to the venue of the three-day event from the most remote corners of the country (some even from abroad), put tents, were combined into a huge company, organized a barbecue, played on guitars and just enjoyed life.

A special atmosphere was created with one idea (the love of Volkswagen vans) were United people of different ages and preferences (proves it at least style restoring cars).

Meeting in Bremen

In Bremen hosted a meeting of lovers Volkswagen tuning. There was to be found not only familiar to the tuning Scirocco or Golf. Among the cars appeared at the event, there were those who class designed for tuning difficult to carry. For example, not long ago Volkswagen Corrado.

By the way, the mini-festival was visited by one of the members of the Russian Golf club, familiar colleagues by nick Evgenij. Living in Germany a young man generally tries not to miss any of these meetings, demonstrating to all fans of the brand your car with unusual doors that open vertically upwards.

Bochum-2012 : tuning under the control of the police

In Germany at large gatherings tuned cars always present the police with special engineers who stands on the test machine. At the event in Bochum, Eugene had only to come, as he was sent on a test to ascertain whether all that is installed on the car, checked and entered on the appropriate paper. Fortunately, everything was in order.

Also in Germany, fans of VW buses year was going to make just one picture – but what! 335 Volkswagen cars lined up in such a way that on made from a helicopter photo they have developed in a schematic representation VolkswagenBUS. Snapshot flew around the world and was published in several major publications.

VAG EVENT Poland : the second life of old cars

In Poland Volkswagen lovers were United by the idea that any car, regardless of year of production, should look cool and drive fast. At the meeting of the Polish fans of Volkswagen showed perfectly and stylishly restored model of the concern, including Golf first generation, its successors, Bora.

St. Petersburg : Russian retro

Such meetings and events are popular not only abroad. Russian fans of the Volkswagen brand is also constantly arrange meetings where you can see a lot of the curious. Take a very recent meeting of the lovers of vintage cars in St. Petersburg. To visit friends, restoring old cars, in the Northern capital, came Sergey Kuznetsov (interview with him soon) on your Golf 1974 release named Helmut.

Kiev : a festival for the former USSR

The major festival of Volkswagen annually (since 2009) takes place in neighboring Ukraine. Judging by the reviews had time to go there fans of Volkswagen, organized everything perfectly. Each time cars are becoming more contingent – the more varied, the mood is fun. Those who came to the festival on unusual vehicles have a chance to go home with prizes: throughout the activities are rewarding cars in various categories. By the way, this year’s winner in two categories (“Best interior” and “Best exterior”) was the same Helmut, which we mentioned above. For Amateurs was prepared makeshift track, pass by which could anyone.