Carnival in Rio de Janeiro
  Football and carnival in Rio de Janeiro two things in Brazil evoke the same strong emotions. Brazil is hosting not one carnival, but carnival in Rio de Janeiro is…

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The brightest holidays of different countries with the gorgeous Uma Thurman
  [caption id="attachment_3839" align="alignleft" width="300"] SONY DSC[/caption] In Milan the presentation of the 2014 Campari Calendar, dedicated to the most bright and colorful holidays around the world. The heroine of…

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In what countries is unusual national holidays and festivals?


Probably there is no country in which, since ancient times, there would be national holidays and traditions. Later, these annual mass celebrations were called festivals .

Many holidays devote some national food, there are festivals crafts or associated with local legends and various other events.

The most unusual festivals I’ve ever heard :

— “Festival of crying children”, Japan.

To us it may seem strange that such festival, and in Japan there is a belief that the child should cry all your tears to grow strong and healthy.

— “La Tomatina” Spain.

The festival is dedicated to the tomatoes. But these wonderful vegetables are used as “shells”. During the festival, locals and tourists throw each other with tons of tomatoes. The streets flow rivers of tomato juice.

— “the lemon Festival in Menton,” France.

Menton is famous for its mild climate and plenty of citrus. Every year this small town is decorated with “edible” sculptures. To admire the beauty attracts tourists from all over the world. The festival lasts for two weeks, parades with tuples decorated with lemons, oranges, grapefruits and other citrus fruits.

— “love for the fat”, Ukraine.

Every autumn in Lutsk is a festival of lovers of fat. Neither of which is surprising, because everyone knows what tender feelings of the Ukrainians towards the fat. During the festival, spend a fair fat and even products fat, speed eating competition fat.

In the Book of records of Ukraine were included “soccer ball from Sal” (diameter 6 m, weight 400 kg). And in the Guinness Book of world records officially registered world record for eating fat a resident of Lutsk.

— “Festival of flying frogs”, Ohio, USA.

This family event is the entertainment which is accessible to anyone, as a frog can be rented. The winner is the participant whose frog jumped the farthest. The most interesting and exciting spectacle how the frog trainers cause them to bounce.

— “Tarragona Castells,” the festival of human pyramids in Spain.

Throughout the summer in different cities of Spain took place this unique Spanish festival. Participating teams from any country, among acrobats includes both men and women, and children. Tall pyramid build people climbing on each other. The winner is the team that has built the highest tower.

Throughout the festival you can try traditional Spanish dishes and wines. The holiday is accompanied by Spanish dancing, music. This tradition existed in Spain since the 1800s.

Festival sheep shearing “Golden scissors”, New Zealand.

It is also called the championship “hairdressers”. The festival is held for more than 50 years, and take part wishing to show their skills of professionals from different countries, there come up to 500 people.

Tourists are fun to watch as in a matter of minutes, long-haired curly lamb are transformed into smoothly-shaven. The festival lasts for a week, exhibitions of products from sheep’s wool and entertainment.

— “Romanov sheep – the Golden fleece of Russia”, Yaroslavl region, Tutaev.

Unusual, but very interesting annual festival which aims to preserve rare breeds of sheep “Romanovsky”. All breeding farms bring their best representatives of the breed and among them is selected “Miss sheep”. Participate and neighboring countries, where bred this breed of sheep.

As at any festival, in Tutaev are contests and entertainment, competing in trimming sheep fairs of agricultural products.

Can more about orange battles in Italy to remind you about the festival “Beaujolais Nouveau” in France . beer festival “Oktoberfest” in Germany and many others.

Collages I made specially for this response, the pictures were picked up on the Internet.