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Greek attractions


Athens is considered one of the most prominent ancient cities in the world, about three thousand years. In addition, Athens is one of the youngest capitals of Europe – the date named for its calculation 1833. But, despite its “youth” in the city perfectly combines antiquity and modernity. Arriving in this city you can perfectly combine relaxation on the beaches of the Aegean sea and interesting excursion.

If you search the archives, even in the “minds” of people, then you can make sure that Greece originates from the Acropolis . By the way, to get to this sacred rock will have to pay about 12 euros – here stands the magnificent temple, the Parthenon, it was built in the V century BC. It has erected in honor of the patroness of the city of the goddess Athena. By the way, when we, in those distant times, on the pediments of the building were, and intricate jewelry. At present the recovered artifacts, and they are stored in the New Museum of Acropolis, the cost of entry is five euros .

The Greeks have always treasured and proud of its beautiful monuments. For example, in 1821 under the rule of the Ottomans, the Greek soldiers was arranged by the rebellion, and was then taken of the Acropolis in the siege. And when the Turks were running out of ammunition, they began to destroy the columns of the Parthenon . and after their destruction was extracted from lead-based. This metal was cut on the bullet. The Greeks themselves, after he learned about the crime, have sent them some lead, although they were enemies, but it was done only to save this beautiful temple.

Every tourist will be interested to descend to the foot of the Acropolis to visit the old quarter of Plaka . Here everyone will be able to walk through the narrow picturesque streets, to relax, sitting in a cozy cafe and try a drink of the Greek cold coffee.

It is worth remembering:

— Greece is not only the mainland, but there are also wonderful island, of which there are about 1,400 pieces.

For a little dip in marine life, is to go from the port of Piraeus in a fascinating cruise around the small Islands of Poros, Hydra and Aegina . Of course, the cruise around the Islands is not free, he must pay about 95 euros, including lunch, but it is worth it. After the tour brings you to the Hydra, on the pier every vacationer will see a couple of dozen fascinating cats that keaggy time I meet the ships. This island has its own characteristics, it is forbidden to ride on vehicles – cars and even scooters. The main transport of the island are horses and donkeys. Arriving in this region, each camper will be able to understand why all this “Paradise” for the rest opted for celebrities such as Brigitte Bardot, Maria Callas… Such local landscapes will enchant every guest. The rocky slope clamber colorful houses with tiled roofs, cobbled spare cozy and winding streets that seem completely surrounded by greenery, flowers.

To visit Greece and not visit the island of Poros is impossible . After all, this island is rich in attractions of this region, the main of which is the remains of the temple of Poseidon, which was built in 520 BC. But, tourists are very attracted to these mass and clear waters, tranquil beaches, beautiful pine forests, lemon and olive groves and beautiful… a healthy atmosphere.

Small island Egin will amaze with its beauty and inspiration of each tourist . During the trip, the Parking lot in Aegina you can take a walk and get some fresh air on the promenade, stroll through the local market, buy Souvenirs and pistachios. These nuts grow right here on the green plains, and are considered the best in the whole of Greece.

This holiday will bring a lot of fun for every vacationer, and sea island cruises will add diversity and thrills to anyone who has ever dare to take this cruise of pleasure.