Decoration of salads: original ideas for the holiday table
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The Most spectacular celebrations of the world
  Especially for avid travelers, whose travel is not about admiring the colorful scenery and ancient architecture, influential publication "The Forbes" published a ranking of the most colorful, flamboyant, exciting…

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The Best carnivals of the world


February is the month of carnivals, which are held in almost every town. The most famous in Venice and Viareggio.

For carnival ball masks made of papier-mache, although this Venetian mask is made from specially treated thin skin. Such in street shops now will not find. In Venice there are only a few craftsmen who can produce the mask according to old recipes, they are considered a work of art and are very expensive. Mask and costume for the ball, you can rent, it will cost from 50 to 250 thousand lire. If you want to make the costume to order, then the upper limit of the cost of the outfit just isn’t there. Venetian carnival masks – the best known and most ancient, the most original and unexpected: here is the Kingdom of masks and life itself resembles a theatrical stage among the channels. Dancing in the squares, magnificent gold-embroidered and jewelled costumes. Under the cover of masks of passion is born and dies, and the characters are Italian “Commedia Dell’arte” take to the streets and become protagonists of the carnival. Like a bright ray of sun bursts carnival in damp and foggy Venetian winter. And in an instant she is decked with gold costumes, silver lace, bright spots of masks. Only Venetian carnival inherent mystery and magic, mysticism and witchcraft. The Venetian carnival is the greatest festival of Italy, which annually attracts thousands of participants and spectators from different countries. The Venetian carnival is one of the oldest carnivals in the world: he was born during the middle Ages, when the total duration of any holidays was a few months a year. Spiritual parents of this magnificent event can be considered a Venetian aristocrats who invented it in order to justify their desire to flaunt in front of each other in unusual costumes and masks.

Viareggio’s carnival, held from the end of the last century, was originally conceived as a performance-March. The main events occur in four Sundays, when the main promenade of Viareggio moving giant carts with raised enormous figures and “support group” dressed in the most fantastic costumes.

Carnival processions and parades, fireworks, concerts and festivities, a football tournament and a beauty contest – this is what the carnival in Viareggio. Unbridled imagination, boundless fun, non-stop music, sleepless nights – this is also carnival. And the infinite sadness when it ends.


San: there’s so much to see! Heaps of fish, shrimp, squid and cuttlefish, scallops and other marine reptiles maddening imagination gourmet. Satiated smells divine, we are going to inspect Santa Maria Salute, perhaps one of the most pompous churches in Venice. Churches in Venice are so many that it is very difficult to choose the best one. They conquer perfection of forms, the abundance of paintings and famous names.

gosha7(Ivan Woodrow Wilson): Venice is the city where until a time everyone wants. One has only to fall in love with pulsating romantic age, or in a much more romantic person. Upon arrival in Venice after some time realize that it is not a decoration, but a real city. Then, most likely, the old-fashioned serve two masters, steal brides, fighting clans and sing under the balcony. Parents bring their children Motorboats to school. Themselves abundantly gesticulate and shout in bakeries, coffee shops, trattorias.

atlasvoyage( ): Venice. Venezia, Queen of the Adriatic, a charming city of canals and palaces. The character of Venice is ambivalent from the very beginning: water and land, long history and questionable future, airy delicacy and dim melancholy. When these precious places will fill in with water, the world will be poorer. Take a lot of time exploring Venice, get lost in its maze of canals and alleys is one of the main pleasures.