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The brightest holidays of different countries with the gorgeous Uma Thurman



In Milan the presentation of the 2014 Campari Calendar, dedicated to the most bright and colorful holidays around the world. The heroine of the fifteenth edition was the actress uma Thurman (Uma Thurman), and the pictures were taken by renowned photographer Koto Bolofo (Koto Bolofo)

Milan, 11 November 2013, – Campari has officially unveiled images of the new calendar for 2014. The theme of the fifteenth edition of the most colorful holidays of different countries of the world. Twelve photographs corresponding to each month, uma Thurman appears in incredible images, representing some of the most exciting events from around the world.

Page Campari Calendar 2014 offer to travel around the world and plunge into the world of the brightest holidays, many of which are marked by centuries and even millennia. The Spring festival in Beijing, Hanami (admiring flowers Sakura) in Japan, festivities on the eve of the summer solstice at Stonehenge, the biggest fireworks festival on the planet in Brazil new year’s eve and many other incredible holidays and festivals are at the pages unique collector’s edition. And, of course, all the pictures are the main character – uma Thurman in dresses and jewelry best fashion and jewelry houses of the world: Versace, Stella McCartney and Chopard and others.

According to uma Thurman, the 2014 Campari Calendar is a work of art: “This stunning work conveys all the positive energy that has been enjoyed Campari lovers around the world during the wonderful holidays. For me it was a great pleasure to participate in the filming of the talented photographer Koto Bolofo, who have inspired me throughout the project. Sure, the 2014 Campari Calendar will give people the opportunity to feel the atmosphere of various celebrations of the planet”.

Shooting for the 15th of the Campari Calendar held Koto Bolofo, who received worldwide recognition for his live and dynamic images. Famous fashion photographer born in South Africa, spent his childhood and adolescence in the UK, but currently resides in France. Bolofo is a true world citizen and due to this like no one else was able to convey the theme of the new edition and show how much interconnected the cultures of different countries.

“For me, the Campari Calendar 2014 is the embodiment of fun, emotion, passion and style inherent in the Campari brand. And I feel we really came to pass. To work with Uma Thurman has been a delight. And now I’m very excited that now the result of our work will be open to absolutely everyone,” says photographer Koto Bolofo.

Bob Kunze-Kontsevich (Bob Kunze-Concewitz), CEO of Gruppo Campari: “the Campari Calendar 2014 is dedicated to the pleasure which we receive from travel and discovery. The style and charisma uma Thurman present in every picture! She really was able to fully immerse into the atmosphere of the holiday, and talented photographer Koto Bolofo photographed and transferred these unforgettable emotions to the viewer. I want to thank the whole team who took part in the work on the project. You helped Campari again to create a work of art.”

The Campari calendar 2014 printed in a limited edition number 9999 copies, of which not one will go on sale.

The publication will be distributed to partners and friends of the Campari brand.

The concept of the Campari Calendar 2014 Worldwide Celebrations engaged creative Agency BCube Milan. Together with photographer Koto Bolofo worked on the project creative Director of the Agency Andrea Marziali (Andrea Marzagalli) and Deputy creative Director Bruno Vohwinkel (Bruno Vohwinkel).