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Festivals and holidays in the Seychelles

Seasonal festivals in Seychelles attract a lot of guests, as characterized by abundance of fun. Very popular in Seychelles annual marathon sporting events, namely, competitions boating and deep sea fishing.

National holidays play an important role in the life of the Islands, it is Labour Day in may, and Corpus Christi, and national day in June, and the Feast of the assumption in August, and All Saints Day in November, and the feast of the Immaculate Conception in early December.

Calendar of events in Seychelles:

New year is traditionally celebrated on all the Islands in the family circle, where at midnight is sure to delight new year’s fireworks.

The marathon takes place on the island of Mahé. This event is also popular among different Nations, especially because it is designed for shorter distances and always attracts crowds of spectators who cheer for the participants.

Carnival is an international event, showcasing the cultural diversity of the Seychelles. This festival is held in conjunction with the States of Victoria and Semaine La Francophonie. In mid-March, a week of French culture is conducted on Mahé island, bringing with it a thematic art exhibitions, recitals and film screenings, making this holiday is especially popular.

Easter – March / April, a Christian holiday that begins with the Liturgy, a procession around the main Church, in particular, Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday.

Festival of arts – captures its wide variety of arts, painting, drawing, music, dancing. Exhibitions, performances and workshops form the basis of activities performed in different locations in the centre of Victoria.

Labour day is celebrated in Seychelles on 1 may is a public holiday for the entire archipelago. At the end of may it is planned to hold an International festival of classical music, the guests who will be many well-known musicians from around the world.

Very popular sport in Seychelles regatta is considered. An exciting competition is holding in suspense fans and viewers within seven days. The competition starts and end in the Indian ocean, near the island of Eden.

Fit Africa – a great weekend for lovers of traditional music, dance and demonstrations of the mod, which also begins in late may.

Liberation day – annually the reader the memory of the coup that took place on 5 June 1977.

Corpus Christi is a religious holiday which is celebrated annually in mid-June.

National holiday which is celebrated on June 18, is considered a public holiday for all inhabitants of the island.

Independence day – June 29, on a day when the Seychelles became independent.

Sailing regatta, which takes place on the island Beau Vallon will delight in racing yachts.

Festival on the island of La Digue, which is confined religious Christian feast of the Dormition, August 15 passes. Interesting and spectacular events are also on the Islands of Mahé and Praslin.

Choral festival, which invited national Conservatory of performing arts, delight, showcasing the singing talents of local choirs.

Sabios – Underwater Festival, lasting three days, begins with the first of October. The festival takes place on the island, Beau Vallon and attracts an international audience.

The Creole festival – end of October / beginning of November. Mass celebrations of the duration of 6 days are usually held on Victoria island and are accompanied by varieties of dancing, demonstrations of various arts and crafts and traditional cuisine.

All Saints day is a Christian holiday which is celebrated on November 1.

Oceanic – festival on the island of Mahé, which attracts new and long-known artists from around the world

The feast of the Immaculate Conception is celebrated on December 8 as the second public holiday and Christian the day after Christmas.

Christmas is celebrated on December 25. On this day for Christmas dinner with all the family get together, with a great mood to have fun and share a traditional Christmas gifts.