Bright celebrations on the planet
  "Vivid childhood planet" In the Central square of the village Kushnarenkovo district was held the festival "vivid Childhood planet", dedicated to the International children's day. How wonderful that the…

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Festivals and holidays in the Seychelles
Seasonal festivals in Seychelles attract a lot of guests, as characterized by abundance of fun. Very popular in Seychelles annual marathon sporting events, namely, competitions boating and deep sea fishing.…

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Christmas is sweeping the planet

Every holiday has its conventional character. Detail which is inherent only to him, is its integral part and the highlight of this festival at the same time.

Christmas is one of the major Christian holidays. And since ancient times a symbol of Christmas was Christmas Nativity scenes. The main objective of Nativity scenes for Christmas is a praise to the Christ child. They reproduce the scene of the Epiphany.

Christmas Nativity scenes were created using three-dimensional figures or figurines in the middle ages. Such compositions was placed in the city center near the town Hall and around them were the main celebrations and formed the Christmas markets.

With time in each city and each country Nativity Scene began to acquire the features of the city, that is, all participants in the Nativity scenes are similar and clothing and appearance on the residents of the city in which the Nativity scene is set.

Each city has an individual is their Christmas Nativity scenes.

For example in the German Goslar around the Nativity scene real animals walking complementing the song, creating a realistic .

In Coburg St. The virgin Mary clothes characteristic for this town.

Kufstein in the Austrian Nativity scene created by local craftsmen in the traditional manner of places.

Nativity scene in Poznan also carved out of wood, but in classic (Catholic) manner.

Nativity scene in Erfurt is only made pear trees

Nativity scene in Nuremberg is cut deliberately rustic, rural craftsmen

in Linz, we were surprised a few Nativity scenes. By the way the size of the cities now can comfortably sleep in them several Christmas markets, and of course to each their Nativity Scene.

In German Braunschweig decided to cheat a little( and at the same time and save in times of crisis) and placed an order for the production of the Nativity Scene in China. In the end, they got the Nativity scene where all the participants pronounced Asian features.

Nativity Scenes Of Budapest

In Quedlinburg Nativity scene inspired by local wooden toys.

Nativity scene in Vienna. The girl won in the Christmas competition gets the honour to read near Christmas Hymns of the Nativity scene, and then the local children will be photographed with her .

Show another Scene from Erfurt

Nativity Scene in Tallinn

In Vilnius all participants in the Nativity scene dressed in traditional Lithuanian linen.

Speaking of Christmas, as the holiday will not appear immediately. Christianity started its way among the Jews, and they have at the time what was considered *birth is the beginning of sorrows and pains*. On this the first two centuries the question of the date of the birth of Christ was not raised. Then when the main promoters and disseminators of Christianity in the ancient world were the Greeks and for the Greeks birthday is very important. Have a question about the Christmas.

Christmas began to consider January 6, combining ancient Christian feast of the Epiphany and the Baptism of Christ and Christmas. Then these three holidays celebrated in one day on 6 January.

It was almost two hundred years, 200 years before 400 ad. During this time, Christianity conquered the Roman Empire and became the main religion of almost the entire ancient world. But in those days the main holiday of the Romans was the Day of the Invincible Sun which was celebrated on December 25.

In wrestling with this holiday Roman Church moved the celebration of Christmas on December 25. Well then split calendars, and the appearance of the two dates of Christmas.

There were times when Christmas would prohibit, the truth is not in us but in New England in 1659 the puritans (Calvinists) has banned Christmas. And long this ban is adhered to.

Banned this holiday and in the USSR, in the end, the celebration shifted to the New Year, and that the New Year was in the post Soviet republics, the main winter holiday with Christmas tree and gifts.