The decoration of the festive table.
  Holiday soon, everything is left to chance. You already picked for celebration appropriate menu, style design table decorations for meals. When we had guests, we want everyone to be…

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Honeymoon and summer festivals
  Summer — a great time for weddings and, of course, what is a wedding without a honeymoon? How to make this season truly memorable, not like lying by the…

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Autumn festivals and holidays in Transcarpathia


Planning a trip to Transcarpathia in the fall? Autumn in Transcarpathia – it is a season of warm sunshine, high sky and bright stars, mushroom and day trips in the mountains. Learn also about the many festivals and events held during the autumn months.

International exhibition-fair “trevrizent Transcarpathia”, Uzhhorod

The “BEREG FEST” festival, Berehove, last Saturday-Sunday of the month

Folklore potato festival “Guculska reap”, Transcarpathian region, Ukraine area

Festival-fair “Guzul’ska Brinza”, Rakhiv town

The festival program includes cheese tasting, performances by folk groups and tasting of national dishes.

International festival of rock music “heart of Europe”, Rakhiv town

“Surety ball” – wine balls (festival of harvest) in Hungarian villages

Honey festival – traditionally held the first Sunday of the month in the city of Mukachevo . Transcarpathian region. Here you can buy a variety of ecologically pure bee honey and find out its medicinal properties.

Culinary competition “Carpathian Ratatouille”, Uzhgorod, Transcarpathian region

Competitions are the best chefs in Transcarpathia in categories: kettle, fish soup, meat dish, dessert and, of course, Ratatouille.

Festival “Friendship without borders” – G. Beregovo, Transcarpathian region.

One of the oldest in Ukraine festivals devoted friendship between Ukrainians and Hungarians.

The Day Of Uzhgorod.

International festival of puppet theatres “InterCall”, Uzhhorod

International children’s festival “Srbi silver bell”, Uzhhorod

Fair “Golden autumn”, Uzhgorod.

On the “open market” presented in a wide range of vegetables, fruits, bakery products, canned vegetables, grape and berry wines, meat and dairy products, fresh fish, catering products and various nonfood goods. Their products (dried mushrooms, wild fruits and berries, medicinal herbs, honey, barrels for pickling and fermentation, etc.) are also of forest enterprises and other business entities. In addition, you can also buy animals, poultry, the products of craftsmen: baskets, wicker chairs, rocking chairs, real Hutsul bedspreads. Motorists could also buy “steel horse”. Visitors have the opportunity to taste the best Transcarpathian wines and to eat something tasty, as sellers are treated to a barbecue, fruits, bakery products and homemade intoxicating drink.

Festival-fair “GOLDEN GOULASH”, S. Muzhieve, Berehovo district

Competitive food festival: goulash-kettle, bean goulash, belarski goulash. In the menu of the owners of rural estates Beregovo: Majewska sausage and Hurka, Borzhava ear, Cefalonia cabbage rolls, Decanska funky(Panahi) lachrom, Waniewski tasklevel, Velikooktiarskoe Lecho. As well as tasting and sale of food, wine, Palenque, grapes, other products from the villagers, Souvenirs from the craftsmen, workshops of folk crafts: basket weaving, manufacture beads, weaving, competition of the national games, a master class in the Hungarian Czardas, the demonstration of clothing, tents, and weapons of ancient scars, demonstrative cooking goulash-kettle, with the participation of guests of the festival, horse riding and more.

International jazz festival “PAP-jazz-fest”, Uzhhorod

Holiday wine “Transcarpathian Beaujolais”, the third week of the month, Uzhhorod

Traditionally held in Uzhgorod. The festival gathers young wine lovers and fans of romantic Transcarpathian autumn. The best winemakers of Ukraine represent a new crop. Within two days of the festival guests are free to taste up to 15 varieties of wine, produced exclusively from classic European grape varieties.