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Bright celebrations on the planet


“Vivid childhood planet”

In the Central square of the village Kushnarenkovo district was held the festival “vivid Childhood planet”, dedicated to the International children’s day.

How wonderful that the younger generation has its own holiday! At the appointed time of the celebration to the square of the area began to approach the children with their parents, siblings, grandparents, teachers. Thanks to adults who have left their holiday without attention and the youngest Kushnarenko – arrived by private transport: wheelchairs and three-wheeled bikes.

With words of welcome addressed chief specialist of the regional Department of education Ramil Isakova. She talked about how can spend time with the children in our area, what the camp will be available. She also wished everyone a good and happy summer holiday.

Further for kids began a long-awaited theatrical performance. Employees of the House of pioneers and schoolchildren in bright and colourful costumes professionally involved in the kids in fun games and competitions. Clowns in the face Natalya Ivanova, Irina Khabibullina, Lyudmila Valiyeva and Gulshat Safina made puzzles, played “Hockey”, has organized exciting events of “Cutting gifts”. Entertained the children and Gulnara Valiev, Gulnara Girfanova and Artur Sultanov, disguised by the artist, Pinocchio and the police. Roguish sparkle in the eyes and laughter of the children talked about their complete delight.

Wonderful concert performances congratulated all the participants on the occasion of pupils of children’s music and children’s and youth sports schools. Singers and dancers licentawiki gardens have charged those present with energy and enthusiasm. The audience was welcomed with loud applause performances of students in primary and secondary schools.

At the celebration the boys and girls also were given the opportunity to show their talents in the fine arts. They were given crayons to participate in the competition “Young artist”. Start! And the children eagerly ran up the court and chosen on the pavement a place for his masterpiece, “left” in the world of art. The boys had its own theme: cars, planes. And diligent girls painted bouquets of flowers, butterflies and houses with flower beds. Having crayons to young artists sought to join kids and toddlers. You should have seen how funny the kids imitated a senior at drawing… But as they babbled quite! See, the joyful atmosphere of the holiday cheer. All the drawings were good in their own way! The jury, having considered children’s masterpieces, took a unanimous decision: “the friendship Won!”. No one is left without a sweet prize.

The highlight of the festival was the contest “a Parade of strollers”. The contest was organized by the sector of youth policy and sports of administration of the municipal district. Assistance was provided by members of the all-Russian youth organization “Young guard”. The competition was attended by over 30 strollers. They were just like a regular stroller, and more like an incredible fabulous facilities. Each had their own idea and before the procession parents shared them with the audience and the jury. To choose the best turned out to be not so easy. However, the end still failed. On the second honorary place was family Sokolov, who scored a stroller and a car as “mail of Russia”. Family of Sakovich recreated the image of the “Golden fish”, thus taking second place. The winner was the family Gazizova. Their “Airplane” left nobody indifferent. Participants were also awarded prizes in various categories. So, “Miss charm” became Alina Gumerov, “the Prize of spectator sipati” won the family Platonovich. Special prize from the sponsor of the contest is Kushnarenkovo district electrical networks received family Hazievich.

First day of summer turned everyone gathered in the square to the positive. Especially students, because they started favourite time of the year – the summer holidays. The festival was a success!