Theatrical Grand Prix of the Amur autumn festival
Theater the Grand Prix of the festival "the Amur autumn", the jury awarded the play "roller coaster" Director Alexander Nazarov, producer Valery Levushkin. "In the competition of theatrical performances the…

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  Carnival 2011 season is nearing its end. All over the world are the last celebration before lent, which marks the end of winter and arrival of spring. For almost…

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The Festival “Moscow autumn”


Moscow — one of the largest centers of world music.

The city in which they lived Tchaikovsky, Taneyev, Rachmaninov, Scriabin, Shostakovich and Prokofiev, Aram Khachaturian and Myaskovsky, Sviridov, Schnittke, Denisov, Berinsky and Weinberg.

The festival “Moscow autumn”, which takes place this year in 25 times, confided in his opus the greatest masters of musical modernity, among which Sofia Gubaidulina, Nikolai Karetnikov, Rodion Shchedrin, Tikhon Khrennikov, Andrei Eshpai, Pierre Boulez, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Mauricio Kagel and other famous musicians.

On the evening of memory of the past masters, sound works classics music of the twentieth century, Sergei Prokofiev, Dmitry Shostakovich, Georgy Sviridov, Igor Stravinsky… steel Bright events programs and Schnittke Xenakis.

The festival is obliged to the head of the organization as a composer, Boris Terent’ev (75-87 years). It was he, thanks to his authority, great endurance, skill and ability to convince conceived to bring the matter to an end, could do something that was not able to realize his predecessors. Many of the memorable opening of the first “Moscow autumn” in the Great hall of the Moscow Conservatory, which heralded fanfare “Festive Overture” by Shostakovich, which has become almost a decade a kind of musical emblem of the festival.

Memorable and program the first-opening concert: Symphony orchestra of the Central television and all-Union radio. It sounded Alexandrov’s Second Symphony, Concerto for orchestra Lehmann, piano “Prague Concerto” and Kabalevsky’s Concerto for viola and orchestra by Alexander Tchaikovsky (soloist Yuri Bashmet).

The best essays from a variety of years firmly entrenched in the Philharmonic repertoire of contemporary performing arts groups. This is one of the most important tasks of the festival.

Those students who are in different years had the opportunity to attend concerts of the “Moscow autumn”, had the opportunity to see how varied areas of modern music was transformed traditional genres and new born; there was a non-standard projects, new large-scale works of art, which will eventually become classics of our time.

In the programme content of the XXV festival of 2003 were three priority areas: a tribute to departed masters, foreign works and Moscow premiere.

Concerts are an important stage in the completion of the creative process for any composer. Embodied in the note signs of the composer’s intentions in the hands of talented performers appear in a dubbed form in front of an audience. So connect the links of a single, unbroken chain: the composer — performer — listener.

The festival is scheduled musicological conference, including the theme with a futuristic question “quo Vadis?” — talk about the ways of development of modern Russian music of the twentieth century in the twenty-first century.

Are invited to discuss music critics, composers and performers.

Assume free discussion (round table) sounding at “Moscow autumn” works.

Throughout its history, the festival “Moscow autumn” opens new names, extends understanding of musical styles and attracts new participants on both sides of ramps concert.

Constant remain the main principles: professional dignity, high, true academic status, openness to all genres, artistic trends.